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14 reviews
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Bellaire has been a wonderful place to grow up. Right outside of Houston, people get the best of both worlds, a homey, warm neighborhood experience as well as being part and close to the very busy and fast-moving city of Houston.
I love the environment. Its a great place to hang out, has many diversity, and is a great district for eating.
I love the small town feel of Bellaire. The community is amazing and the people too. I enjoy the local businesses that are family owned. The schools are great too.
I was born and raised in the city of Bellaire, Texas. Through these past 16 years, I've thoroughly enjoyed my living experience here. As I look to the future and move onto college, I have begun to notice more about this place and have been able to cherish it more. I would say the best part of it is definitely the community. All my neighbors are all so welcoming, friendly, and open. I remember when I was small, we'd always have block parties.
Pretty safe, except for 2/3 break-ins in the last year. The police is very vigilant and helpful.
Close to Houston, far away enough to be secluded and "suburbia" enough. Only 20 minutes away from Houston. Friendly neighborhood and people. Great schools
I love the overall atmosphere. I feel safe in this part of town. We are very close to the medical center, which is a big plus for our family. And we have a wide variety of shopping and dining experiences within minutes of our home. The neighbors are somewhat diverse in political, religious and ethnic backgrounds, but we are able to be good friends. I love living here.
Quality of housing is great. In some areas the cost is very expensive.
The area is located in the city so not much nature. But there are nice parks and a lot of activities that have a close driving distance.
There is very little crime, and whenever there is it is small crimes like kids stealing calculators. The police are everywhere.
It gets very humid. Also weather changes a lot from sunny to rainy in seconds. Sometimes it will be warm in the winter and freezing the next day.
There are so many options for food and drink. The quality of the food is also great.
TO get a job, one needs a lot of experience, so it is hard for inexperienced unemployed people to get a job.
There is a diverse set of stores to shop at that provide anything that I need.
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