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I moved here last year, and I absolutely love it. My husband and I bought a house and it is close to town but still offers great privacy. It is perfect.
Bella Vista is a gorgeous, quiet town perfect for anyone seeking to retire and spend their days outdoors. Arkansas is a beautiful state, and Bella Vista is just one of the many cities within it dedicating its land to the preservation of natural forestation and recreational activities.
Welcoming, mostly retirees in area, great churches and recreational opportunities are close at hand.
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We recently moved to Bella Vista and we find it a very quiet place to live. There is lots of outdoor things to do and everyone seems very nice. We live just off the high way so the commute is good for me.
I have owned a home in Bella Vista going on two years now.
My daughter loves her schoolmates and our neighbors.
We have never had an issue where we worry for our safety.
There are improvements that could be made such as schools being built past Elementary age and the POA fees being restructured. However overall it is a good place to live.
Beautiful place. However, the owner of Cooper Communities does not allow the city to grow. He controls most of the property, which is why we have no place to shop and nothing to do! We are basically giving our money(taxes) away to nearby towns that could go to our beautiful city! Boycot Cooper Communities!!!!!
Bella Vista has beautiful trees, lakes and hiking trails, while being close to shopping and city activities. There is a great museum (Crystal Bridges) and excellent dinning in Bentonville and surrounding areas. You can always find great shopping at the Promenade in Rogers. There are lots of awesome concerts at the Walmart Amp. There are sports teams to root for and games to watch with the AR. Razorbacks. There are nearby Indian casinos, for an exciting day or evening out.
Bella Vista is a great town, but is currently transitioning from a retirement community to a normal city. Many family/people services are lacking and need to be brought up to speed (e.g. side walks, main roads, public schools, etc....)
Bella vista is a nice quite little community with lots of golf courses, walking trails, & lakes. Once it was more of a retirement & vacation destination, its now becoming a lot more family friendly. Everything is very close with Bentonville, AR only 20 mins away & Fayetteville or XNA about 45 mins. its very convenient without being over crowed. There is a lot building & changes going on in the NWA area at this time with jobs, new schools, museums & amazing parks, Its Home!
Bella Vista is a quiet community that is about to explode. It's just above Bentonville (home of Walmart) and as more people move into the area, Bella Vista moves higher on the list of developing cities in the Northwest Arkansas area. One of the best things about it is that it's a quiet retreat from the bustling nature of cities like Fayetteville and Rogers. It's not too far from town, but far enough to enjoy the lake views and quiet mornings.
Housing cost is low but they need to get rid of the POA. The cost of living for this area is higher than other ares around us. The area is beautiful!
Quite town with friendly people. Beautiful forests and lakes. Biking, fishing and boating. I have lived in Bella Vista since 1996 and watched it change over from a retirement village to a mixed village with lots of young families moving into the older areas and redoing the houses.
I have only had good experiences with law enforcement, and I feel extremely safe in most parts of town.
NW Arkansas is a great place to grow up and raise a family. WalMart has caused there to be a lot of growth in the area, and a lot of families (as well as young, single people) are moving to the area for job opportunities. I think this growth will also continue due to the new high school built. I would in no way oppose moving back to the area after I graduate from college.
Very little crime takes place in the area.
The area is great for older folks, quiet and safe.
The neighborhoods seem to take care of all financial needs, whether someone's price rage is in the millions or 25,000. There are lake houses and close by smaller, middle class homes. It feels like a place where people from any economic background can come to enjoy life in. Because, however, it is mostly a retirement community, it is hard for the owners of the homes to properly take care of their property, the overall property value on that street could go down.
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Where I live, the neighborhood is much quieter than the neighboring, fast growing cities. Mostly, Bella Vista is a retirement community, and the people are fairly welcoming, especially to younger people. Every now and then, events such as arts and craft fairs will open to bring the community together in fun and games. I would compare it to JRR Tolkien's The Shire because of the quiet, homey feeling. Although, with the expansion of the neighboring cities, progress has been spreading to our town as well, and doing a wonderful job of not disrupting the peace, but improving it.
The street lights where I live aren't very existent... that would be my only concern. I mean there are a few but not enough on the roads to get to my neighborhood. It's quite dark, so you better have good headlights!
I just moved here in December of 2015. I lived in California prior to moving here and I love this new area so much better. I love living next to the lake, everyone is so nice here, very pet friendly ( I love animals so much), and it's not overly populated. When I am ready to move out, I'd love to get a place with a friend of mine here. It's beautiful!
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