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Belgrade is essentially a suburb of Bozeman (12 miles away). It has quite neighborhoods and good schools. Cheaper alternative to expensive Bozeman, but there is a ~20 minute commute into town.
Pretty neighborhood. Small but easy to get around. Fantastic doughnut shop. The places around town to eat have really good food, Pickle Barrel and a Mexican food restaurant are some good examples. Gas is high than other towns but are easily accessible.
Belgrade is a small yet growing suburb of the it's neighboring city Bozeman. It is a very nice place, with plenty of attractions as well as being far enough out of Bozeman to avoid the hustle and bustle, but close enough to work or play there. Montana is a stunning state and any city within it will have an absolutely breathtaking view.
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I have lived in Belgrade, Montana for over 23 years. It is where I call home and could not image living anywhere else. This is where I plan on raising my family and I am excited for them to experience the things that I have by being raised here. The people are very friendly, there is a sense of pride in the community, and people help their neighbor when it is needed.
A growing community 8 miles away from Bozeman, Belgrade is becoming one of the bigger communities in the Gallatin Valley for those who like the convenience of a bigger town but a little more "down-to-earth". With the growth will come more jobs for those looking to move to this town. Also convenient for those who fly frequently as the Bozeman-Yellowstone Airport is located in Belgrade. A few restaurants/breweries here worth checking out from the barbecue of Bar 3 BBQ and Brewing to the reopened Mint to Madison River Brewing Company.
It is a really nice small city. Everything is within a walking distance of all the main stores and restaurants. All local businesses are fantastic. I would like the snow removal to be improved as well as the trash pickup.
I love this area. I moved here from Spokane area and it is amazing compared to there. People are generally friendlier here, the scenery is way better, and you can express yourself freely. The area is becoming more environmentally friendly, which I appreciate.
My town has a very low crime rate and the community is very well kept.
I love living where I live friendly people and beautiful scenery!
I love absolutely everything about Montana
There isn't too much traffic, but drunk driving is a concern.
We have beautiful natural areas.
It's relatively warm in summer and frigid in winter.
The restaurants here are excellent.
Jobs are sometimes hard to find.
We have a lot of great locally-owned businesses!
I am not an outdoors person but we have beautiful national parks and lots of green space.
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The crime rate is really low. I think it's mostly petty stuff
There hasn't been any natural disasters for many years. The winter gets a little cold and snowy but nothing like the east coast!
The local stores are ok but I prefer to drive 8 miles to shop at big box stores because of the prices and variety they provide.
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