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In the few years I've lived in the town of Belgium, I have never witnessed or even heard of a crime that took place. Every once in a while I hear an ambulance roll by but other than that, the police patrol the area very well and the town is very quiet. I feel safe taking midnight walks.
I live in a very small town. It's small enough that you know your neighbors by their first names and invite them to cookouts. My neighborhood is a wonderful atmosphere for anyone that wants to get away from the chatter of city life. However, it's still close enough to the city that one might feel as secluded as it sounds. Compared to everywhere else in the country, it's a mediocre farm town. I don't see a lot of change in the future. It's quiet and that's the way people like it.
Good for starter homes and new families!
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Friday night football games bring people together!
In Cedar Grove, all yards and sidewalks are kept cleared and clean. Very small, but well kept town.
Cedar Grove is a great place for a starter home or starting a family! People in this town may be stubborn at first, but at the end of the day, they are here to support you especially in times of need.
I live in the country on a farm. I love it out here, it's peaceful, quite, friendly neighborhood, and the best thing of all is my little girl gets to see animals everyday, learn about them and learn responsibility at a young age and she loves it!
It gets cold in winter with a relatively mild summer. It's very manageable and refreshing.
People here pride themselves on their quality of service; as this is such a small town, generally people pass through in a hurry. The service is intended to make our presence stick in their memories.
If you're a little older and looking for an escape from your busy day-to-day, stop by Port. The quaint township and niche cafe scene will be a relief from more urban settings, but you may wish to return.
Mostly restaurants and coffee shops.

You will have difficulty finding certain urban cultural amenities. All public locations are relatively small scale; meaning fewer restrooms, smaller business space per shop overall. Smaller public areas, but well maintained.
The Taxi service is passable, you have to schedule a couple days in advance.

I do not make extensive use of public facilities. My landlord is very generous.
Without too much experience to draw on, I am hesitant to trumpet the merits of each business. They do seem to keep up with the traffic in this small town, however.

They are efficient and appropriate to the environment. Unlikely you will have anything stolen from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
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