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Belen is a small old town. But there is good people in it that have been around for awhile. The community of belen is very careing for their town. Even though we dont expand our town much we still care for our community.
The people are fantastic but the crime rate is out of control. I like that much of the community is involved in agriculture but people living in rural areas should not have to worry about having their car stolen or their house being broken into.
I've lived in Belen all my life. Ive grown to love this place. The people are genuine and down to earth. Although id like to see more entertainment venues built here
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The change I would like to see in Belen is I would like a hospital built. They have been talking of building one for years and nothing has happened. Our community will greatly benefit from an increase in options for healthcare and a hospital would be a good start.
I have always lived here. I just wish the job market would make a change for the better. It is hard to find a job here, especially one that isn't a minimum wage food/store position.
The area is very small and secluded. There are hardly any new businesses opening. There are a bunch of gangster looking, or homeless people always walking around.
Little towns come with little problems.
I like that one minute it is sunny and super hot around 80° and then one minute later it's snowing or raining while it's still sunny! It is so funny.
There isn't a big variety of jobs here unless you have collage degrees or you know someone that can help you get into a job, we are a little town.
I absolutely love sonic! Mc Donalds sweet tea are great also! Not going to mention the convince of 79cent cokes at a corner store here.
Belen has to many dollar store and not much activities to do, other then that I love it here.
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