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Such a beautiful town. It has gorgeous scenery, a big enough area to stay rural, but with anything you could wish for just a few minutes away. There is a wonderful mix of small businesses and a few larger corporations to meet any need you could have.
Belchertown is a small town were is everyone know each other. Everyone tries to help out each other when they can with rides and stuff. The public schools are safe and the teachers are very educated. What i like is the the town is has that mom and pop feeling not to many big market stores. The center of town is nice to relax and just hang out. We have a volunteer fire department which is rare.We have a small police department but we all feel safe in town. Our little league field is a mini-fenway (Boston RedSoxs) which is unique. Over all a town which i am proud to live in.
Belchertown High School is really a great place. For a small town in western Massachusetts Belchertown provides its students with an abundance of resources to move on to a higher level of learning. The Guidance Department is truly amazing and is very focused on helping you reach your goals. I hope that the school will continue to grow with the same qualities.
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I have lived here for 9 years. This is a quiet and rural town. A few farms and surrounded by nature. Nice and supportive community.
Haven't heard of any crime, the biggest event here is a neighbor loosing her cat, which is great!
It is a small cosy neighborhood surrounded by nature. It is a great place for families the are looking to buy decently priced houses. I have lived in New York before moving back with my parents in here, I definitely do miss the business. Even though it is a very safe and friendly are it positions it a bit far from stores, bars, restaurants, schools and well your job most likely will be 40-1h away.
I don't hear the news about crime in this area. It is the safe place to live. The The emergency department are excellent in the service and the timely manner.
It is quite, and peaceful environment in the area where I live. Natural beauty is the plus point of this area. There are lakes, wild life reserve, fruits gardens, and so more which attract the peoples in this area.
Generally, all houses are occupied and maintained well. Our town's beautiful historic district is certainly a landmark.
People generally support causes within the town. However, recently, the School Committee has been diminishing in usefulness, as unqualified people were elected to the committee and have made some ignorant decisions. Raising taxes so that our town's strong music and athletics programs may remain strong should be top priority.
There is little crime here; so little that police officers must find new reasons to give out driving tickets.
There is not many problems in the area and any problems are very easily handled.
I would live here again because my parents picked here. However, I would try to attend a different school. The people who live here are very close most families have lived here for generations, and many have known each other from a young age.
Not a lot of crime, at all. There isn't really much to complain about except there is some poverty around the center of town/Lord Jeffery apartments.
Belchertown was a great place to grow up. It's a fairly small community but also very close-knit. Everybody knows what's going on in the town, for better or worse. It isn't exactly a suburb or a rural farm community, it's definitely somewhere in the middle. The crime is very low, the schools are good but not a lot goes on past 8:00 pm.
I think that the people who live in this town are sufficiently in the middle class because it costs a lot of money to live in this town. A lot of the time it is too expensive for families to stay here, but you hardly ever see people moving so they must figure it out. There aren't very many vacant residences, and if there are they are usually filled withing a reasonable amount of time. There are no, if very few, abandoned lots around town. I think the worst place to live in town is around the center of town just because it's so congested with people all the time.
The area is very pet-friendly, almost everyone has a cat or a dog. People live in the area for quite a while if not their whole lives. We have a lot of people in town who have lived here their whole lives, but many students who are graduating high school and college are moving away to other areas.
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I think that police could be a little more visible, but other than that I feel safe in my community. I don't hear of many crimes, if any often, but when there is an issue there are first respondents that readily available.
I love Belchertown so much. Everything about it is wonderful!
I believe that the school system and benifits we get from it such as college acceptances, job placement, etc. stands out and makes the process of education worth it. That is the best part of my town and it leads me to say I would one hundred percent choose to live here again.
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