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I like that Beeville is a friendly small town. Everywhere you go you know someone and people are always willing to help you if you need anything. The school classrooms are not too big so you can always have a one on one with your teacher. I have had a great experience living here in Beeville, Texas.
Beeville, Tx is a small town in south Texas. Our public schools are mediocre. There is little to do for families. The city does their best to keep businesses away so growth doesn't happen.
I moved to beeville in March 2015; the town has approx. 10,00 people. There is not a lot to do in this small city. Most of the citizens are lazy and content with their mundane lives. Beeville has no excitment and drains the happiness from your soul. I really wish that beeville would broaded their horizons. Its a town where you have to know somebody to do anything.
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You can walk home in the late night. It probably doesn't get much more safer than that. Crime is rarely visible. It's a quiet little town. It's not perfect, but you can be sure it's safe.
The energy of the community could come together more. In fact people rarely speak to anyone. I've had the same neighbors for years and I feel like they are not even there.
I enjoy living in the area I live. It is quiet and peaceful and although there are 4 prisons in my area the crime is relatively low. The air is clean and people are friendly. Compared to where I lived before there are many more activities to be involved in or do in town.
Not many things to do or see around here. Kinda boring
The people are idiots when driving, and lots of drunks. Pot holes are a concern, but a good driver can manage well. No real traffic issues
The near by food selection is not very diverse, but that is expected in a small town. Since I lived in a small town in texas, you could throw a rock and hit 3 mexican food places
The only real jobs around here that make any decent money is welding and working the oil fields
The local stores are all the big corporation type stores (like walmart). It is a small town, so these can easily out price other stores.
Not to many atractions in this área
There is no crime in the área. Is a safe place to live.
We haven't had any disaster in the past two years
Not too many options for restaurants in the área.
The majority of the people living in this área are oil field workers,
There several opportunities for employment if you want to work in a prison setting or oil field setting. There several jobs in fast food and corner stores. The only bad thing is if you are a student....most places will not work with your schedule...which makes it very hard.
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We have recently added new retail, restaurants and salons. It is nice to see stores coming to our community. The only problem is they often don't stay long enough for us to enjoy them. We could use a variety of restaurants because it seems all we have is pizza to go places and nothing for the younger generation. We could use more clothing stores and another retail store other than Wal-Mart. I feel like what we have is very limited in products and often what I'm looking for I cannot find on the shelves.
We have several parks, many of which need to be updated. These parks are easily accessible and even in extremely hot days and cold days people will be at the park. The nearest national park is about 30-45 minutes away. It is nice but it could be updated and offer more for children. We have several farms and open land where hunters can go and hunt doves and deer.
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