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Sylvan Lake provides the community a nice place to swim, fish, kayak and boat. The town ball fields and playgrounds are great. And, the dog park is a plus.
This town is very small and not much to do. There's some parks around there that is nice. Other than that, you'll probably feel bored, in the middle of no where, and feel far from everywhere.
I have yet to hear about a crime in my areas in 16 years.
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Great quiet place to live.
Never heard of anyone feeling unsafe
Small, quiet town, big cities around.
So far there has not been any concern for crimes.
It is a very healty place to grow a family.
This area has very low crime rates. The police presence is noticeable but not overbearing
The area is quiet, and relaxing. There isn't too much going on all the time which is great if you're looking for a calmer and serene place to live.
Very low violent crime rate. The biggest problem lies with drugs in the community.
Great educational programs. Generally relaxed environment. Hopefully it will remain the same, but unfortunately I think it will eventually become more suburban.
Housing varies in this area. There are many high end neighborhoods but if you drive down the road, there are trailer parks. Some areas of the town are nice, some not as nice.
Everyone in my town is very kind. We all try to help each other in time of need. There is not many community events but people often socialize at the town parks during their children's soccer or baseball practice. The town library is beautiful. Here, they host book clubs, kid clubs and many other events. I enjoy the community and believe it's a positive atmosphere.
Crime barely happens in my town. From time to time, a car or house will be broken into. The police are very helpful and polite.
There is not much to do in Poughquag and the is not much socialization in the area.
I have lived in Dutchess County, NY my whole life. I am proud to say I would never want to live anywhere else! If you drive an hour South, you are in the city. If you drive an hour North, you are in Albany- the capital of NY. Where I live, it is so laid back with beautiful views of the mountains. There are so many places to hike and enjoy life. It's a beautiful place to raise a family. In fact, many city people have moved up here. It is becoming more populated in the past couple of years. I am proud to say I am from Poughquag, NY.
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It's great to live here. We are in the country but just over an hour from a major city. There are plenty of tourist attractions, and outdoor events. Our community has several fun events throughout the year.
I think Dutchess County was a great place to grow up, its almost like a bubble. Very little crime, people are extremely friendly, and has the small town atmosphere. Yet at the same time people do not like different, like different skin color, different language. Also trees are being cut down to build more homes, homes that most people cannot afford.
Love the area, have to drive a little to get to things but it's not bad. Within 5 minutes I can get to stores. Schools are fantastic, attended Arlington School District and couldn't have been happier.
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