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Holland is a beautiful city that has a lot of tourist. There are festivals that highlight the cities rich history, the city is surrounded by beaches and parks. The atmosphere is crowded because of the tourist and festivals. My overall experience is good in Holland mi, I love it here
It doesn't get too hot, but if it does the lake can cool a person down. In the winter there is a lot of snow, especially lake-effect snow which is a downfall.
Many parks to go to. Also a lot of beaches. There are places for tourists to come camp.
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There are many food joints in Holland. Lots of them being fast food. They're also chain restaurants like steak n' Shake and IHOP. Some local food places are like the Alpen Rose in downtown Holland.
There are plenty of emergency responders like police, ambulance, and firefighters that are always on duty. The public bus is not as popular in terms of usage and can be improved.
There are many gyms people can go to and exercise. In the summer many people run on the sidewalks. Others play sports and remain healthy and well fit.
In Holland you can meet people from different backgrounds and be able to experience their culture as well as show others your culture. Most people are friendly and very helpful when help is needed.
Holland is a very diverse town with many people coming from all over the globe. The cost of living is fair. Houses by the lake cost more than other homes that are not.
Many people are caring of the community and usually take care of themselves and clean their trash. Very clean place to live.
Homes come in all different sizes and prices. There are many apartments and mobile homes for people to choose from. When it comes to buying a place to live there is always a home perfect for somebody.
For the most part it is very safe. Crime rates are very low and rarely happen.
Mostly every busy street has a sidewalk for pedestrians. Also, bikers sometimes share the roads with other vehicles. The only time traffic will get bad in Holland is during Tulip Time and this is because many people head downtown to enjoy the fun with their family and friends.
There are many stores people can chose to go to. From big stores like Walmart and Meijers to little stores like Aldi and Save-a-lot.
There is always something to do here. From hanging out at the beach to beat the hot summer sun to celebrating Tulip Time in May as all the tulips start to sprout there is always something fun to do here in Holland, MI.
There are sidewalks for pedestrians to walk, run, or bike. There are many bus stops for people who do not have access to a car. People are as safe as safe could possibly be in busy streets or not so busy streets. All in all it is a very safe place.
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