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It's a nice enough place overall, but it's a very small town, with people all up in each other's business and too concerned with bureaucratic nonsense. Not much goes on, which can be a pro or a con depending on the person.
The prevalence of crime in this area is pretty low. There are occasional fights happening every now and then but never anything serious. The police overall do pretty well in maintaining the peace.
The town gives off a plain atmosphere. There aren't too many things to do in a small town like this, and since everybody knows everybody, there aren't too many problems that arise like crime. Compared to the rest of the country, this is just another small country town with nothing to do.
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The town is small and there is not too much to do in it. All the kids are always bored from there not being anything to do.
Beecher is very small and you can feel at home wherever you go. Citizens everywhere make you feel comfortable.
There are some good restaurants but the bars are relaxed and there are no dance clubs.
This is a small town so there are not very many places for employment career wise. However it is not too far from bigger towns or Chicago.
There are the basic necessities in this area but not a big variety to choose from so if the one store does not have what you are looking for, you must go to another town.
When it comes to most things, everythings taken care of
There's nothing to draw people here
Not the best options for jobs in the local area
Potholes on some streets are ridiculous
No outlet to hospital facilities
Not the best options for restaurants
The crime is literally zero
Can't get anything you need in local area
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