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flint mi crime is really..
its ok its nice and qute
Everyone's experience in my area is pretty much their own experience, how you feel about the atmosphere here depends on how you look at things and what you do.
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I enjoy living where I do, because it is nice.
Transportation in my area is convenient some locations are in walking distance, public transportation is reliable, and traffic can very well becoming congested.
The weather in my state of Flint, Michigan isn't to over the extreme but in the winter us residents are always prepared for severe winter storms.
Their are a lot of interesting restaurants within my area that provide affordable prices and quality food, drinks and friendly customer service.
I would describe the potential employment in my are as unequal.
Need better transportation for the disabled and their children
Not many disasters in this area
hard to get in due to being a small area
Not very good area for night life or partying
Local grocery store Pic And Save is great. Very affordable prices for a family on a budget
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