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Beech Grove is a small quiet town, it's inside of Indianapolis. The public school system is okay, the communication needs to be better, but overall it's getting better.
I like that Beech Grove is such a small town so I pretty much know where everything is and the good and bad parts of the town.
Beech Grove is a very education-driven community, in my experience people usually move here to enroll their students in the schools. It is, like any other small town, an area where everybody knows your business before you do. Good people live here. It is religious based, even if this is not extremely apparent upon inspection. If you are looking for a good place to raise your children, this is the place.
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The neighborhood is safe and quiet. The police and fire stations are right down the road.
The ones that we are actually close to, we help out. Other than that no one helps anyone else.
There is a lot of speeding and very seldom do you see a cop pull someone over for ticketing.
Healthy food is expensive, and people here don't workout much. You see more overweight people then fit.
Where I live isn't very big, there isn't much crime that you hear of; there are some break ins that you hear about. But I think that happens in every neighborhood. There used to be a lot more nice looking houses, but since they raised property taxes a lot of people have either put their houses up for rent or they are still up for sale.
There isn't really much to do here in Beech Grove when it comes to nature, you have to drive out of town to do all of that.
We do have crime here, but I've not seen neighborhood watches. I've not seen may police officers around, though I do know that we have them because they do show in a timely manner when you need them. I've not seen them patrol neighborhoods for crime or watch, and sometimes there will be a lot of people speeding down some roads or streets but no cop to stop them because of it.
They need to fix the potholes in this area and clean up the bad neighborhoods that look dirty. Also, they need to lower property tax because it is so high that a lot of houses have gone for sale or up for rent.
The weather here changes, we can have harsh winters and hot summers; sometimes it can be 60 degrees in the winter and 50 in the summer. Everyone that lives here says the weather is bi-polar, give it a few minutes and it'll change.
I went to school for medical administrative assisting, and I have not been able to find a job at all in my local area in that filed, let alone one that would pay me well, unless I wanted to drive all around town doing fill in work for a few hours in one place and then have to drive elsewhere for a few hours filling in for someone else.
There aren't a lot of options near my house unless you like fast food, and you like cheeseburgers and chicken. There is only one taco place close to my house and that is taco bell.
I've not had any issues with any of the business in my area. The only place I would not reccomend is the Beech Grove Walmart because the people there can be rude, and the parking sucks.
Employment is okay; a lot of small business are family-owned.
Small businesses are close and helpful to me.
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