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I have lived in Beebe my entire life. Beebe offers an excellent public school system with compassionate teachers that strive to see their students succeed. There are many churches to choose from for your family to be involved in. There is an excellent small town feel in a community that is growing fast. There are very family friendly neighborhoods in which to raise your children.
I have lived in Beebe, AR my whole life! I absolutely love it! We still have that small town feel and community! We have many different churches that all hold their own purpose in our community! Each giving back to those that need it! There are still some mom and pa's shops around beebe that are still thriving! Our city count may continue to grow but our small hometown feel will forever remain! We have developed a little over the past few years gaining a Walmart and a few stop lights! The schools were fantastic as I recommend people in the area to look into when considering a place to live! I had some of my best years at Beebe Public Schools. They offer a diverse way of teaching and really focus on giving each child the tools to excel. Athough, there is not much of a night life in beebe, you are super close to other towns that offer some options.
I have always lived in Beebe, and I love it here. I graduated from ASU Beebe and I continue to work there. Wonderful school and an amazing community.
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Beebe is a small town great to learn one another and call at home sweet home I personally enjoy living there
Beebe is a very small town. Nice schools. Clean city. Easy commute to Cabot or Searcy for the extra things Beebe doesn't have to offer. Beebe is slowly growing. Housing market is reasonable. All of Beebe is under the Rural Development Loan if you are looking to purchase a home.
Beebe is a small, but good town. It is a friendly atmosphere with a good public school system. It has pee wee basketball, football, baseball, and soccer. Beebe also has a college that is easy to get into to and is easy to get a scholarship for. While there is not many jobs here, it is located just about 30 mins from little rock and other places that will have more jobs.
Beebe Arkansas is a small family town. Great schools and town people. Low cost of living and great location near the city.
Beebe, AR is truly the perfect dream home town. We do have the 3 stop lights now and our mail never comes at the same time. Friday nights thought, the entire community comes out to support our boys in their games. We have boys who get full rides to college because of how good they are. What the school doesn't know is what kinda stalk those boys come from and how they are cheered by their community their entire life. Definitely a Dream Home Town!
There are plenty of nice houses at a good price.
The neighbors and community are amazing.
I've only heard of 2 small crimes in this town.
Its great and I love the whole city and school.
Very low crime, barely hear of any.
It is a great small town to raise children; however, not much here.
There's not much to do in town, however it is easy to make friends and go a town over to go to movies, shopping, skating or bowling. The people are great and it's a nice small town to be in.
It is great here. Nice people, great atmosphere. I could live here forever. very quiet. no crimes. this place is growing by the second and I know in the future its going to be even better than it is now!
This is Arkansas, you have to be prepared for anything. I think the only thing that no one spends too much time on is the pothole problem. I do not understand the concept of four season.
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I've been living here since May and I still don't feel welcome.
Beebe isn't really around any forests or state parks or anything like that. It's just there.
I'm not a fan of the small town. There really isn't anything to do here. I wouldn't choose to live here again.
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