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Lots of elderly people, not much to do at night but very beautiful. Beaches are amazing too
This is probably one of the biggest and most successful tourist spots in America.
This area is probably one of the best in the country. We just built a new mall and we have siesta key the number one beach in the country. The weather is perfect and the restaurants are great.
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Honestly, people assume that in Florida we have to worry about tropical storms a lot, but here in Sarasota I can count on one hand the number of serious tropical storms I have encountered in my 18 years. The weather here is beautiful and sunny and it's almost always a beach day. Essential wardrobe items would include shorts, tank tops, sandals, sun hats, and bathing suits.
If you're looking for a nice dinner out there is a plaza 10 minutes away. But if you're looking for the night life the Villages on Siesta Key are about 15-20 minutes away or less and they are always busy at night. Also, downtown sarasota is about 20 minutes away as well and also have quite a few clubs and bars.
There are many restaurants in the area where any one could find a good job. They are always busy here. Theres also many grocery stores and retail stores. However, even if you wish to become a nurse, as I do, there's a hospital 10 minutes away. Most of the people in my neighborhood are retired though and live off of investments.
I love the area that I live in. There are multiple grocery stores, clothing stores, restaurants, car repair shops, and even a laundromat less than 5 minutes away. Theres a huge sports authority store about 8 minutes away on cattlemen and bee ridge and an LA Fitness that I am a member of across the street. There is a plaza with about 4 restaurants, a gas station (with dunking donuts attached) and Doctor's Hospital right off the highway about 10 minutes from my house. There are a quite a few mom and pop shops but also many big companies and I definitely have everything I need in this area.
Our local businesses are loves and supported by the community
I am always able to find a job when I am searching for one.
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