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It's a good, safe suburb of Austin, with a lot of young families. There is only one shopping center, so you will run out of things to do if you aren't keen on going downtown. People also drive way too fast here, with surpassing the speed limit by at least 15 mph being a normal phenomenon.
The small city is a newer, up-and-coming area with great school systems, new and affordable housing, many amenities and shopping, great city council and a great SAFE place for families. There are a lot of family activities throughout the year and a lot of Texas and American pride events.
Its a great place to live with good schools and friendly people. Its not very big but only 40 minutes from downtown austin.
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The housing in my immediate neighborhood is very nice but the houses are close together and all look the same.
High school football is big here but there are not many community activities.
My neighborhood is very safe there are police present.
Austin is a great city. There are so many activities to do both indoors and outdoors. There are a countless amount of wonderful restaurants. Also everyone is very friendly and has southern hospitality but Austin "cool".
Austin is a very beautiful city. There is a lot of diversity in both what you can go do and the people. There is a plethora of food options and lots of amazing, live music.
We've been in a drought out here for a really long time so the lake hasn't filled up yet, which restricts some summer fun as can be imagined! The winter is usually a moderate cold and the summers are ridiculously hot with Fall and Spring in between. There's really no natural disasters out here; the occasional rain, maybe a light freeze, and that's it.
There's not really a "nightlife" in Lakeway. If people would like to go out and dance or go clubbing, the best bet would be to go drive downtown. However, with that comes the responsibility of driving and most people don't want to because they're going out to have a good time but taxis cost a lot sometimes to get from Lakeway/Bee Cave to downtown Austin. There's a variety of restaurants for the most part but nothing that's open for a late night snack or if you were to just get SUPER hungry later on in the night besides Whataburger.
It's not impossible to find a job but it's not the easiest either. I tried applying anywhere I could and couldn't grab a job so I now have to drive about 15-20 minutes away into the Westlake area to work at the Omni hotel out there. I LOVE it, just wish it was a little bit closer so my money wasn't going straight to gas.
There is a variety of stores out here in Lakeway/Bee Cave. Mostly grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants, drug stores and salons; therefore, not everything is found right out here. I can find what I need more than half of the time but it's getting so crowded to where I might as well make the drive at least 20-25 minutes to a different shopping center. There's not a lot of big name companies besides HEB or Randalls or Starbucks.
The housing here is the best. All the houses are tile roofing and there's a place to golf.
Whole foods is really popular in this area and everyone loves to shop there. You can find everything you need there and its all organic.
Basically everyone in my neighborhood forks in Tech.
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