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Beautiful town with gorgeous mountain views! Almost no night life at all. Just a nice, quiet town where you can have lots of peace and quiet. Relax in Bedminster!
Bedminster Township has a lot of diverse activities that you can be involved in. It is also very close to major highways and roads for easy access. It is also very central to a variety of other towns that also have a lot of activities that you can participate in.
I haven't heard of or seen any crime in my neighborhood. It a great place to live
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I love this place and I would like to stay here after college as well.
They are responsive and it is a nice neighborhood.
It is a peaceful place to live. It is just very expensive to live.
Uta safe, clean and quite
My family just moved from Martinsville to Bedminster a few months ago. I am very familiar with the area since it is not far from where I lived prior to the new house. However, everyone seems to be very friendly and upbeat. A lot of people go on walks with their pets in the evening after work so it's nice to see everyone being active and about. I like the area I am currently living in. I would most likely prefer to stay in New Jersey but if my job takes me elsewhere after college then I will move. This is a very nice town though, and I see it continuing to prosper and stay lively as it grows and develops.
There is a strip mall that is in walkable distance from where I live. It is a very lively town that is bustling with people constantly. It includes a supermarket, food chain stores, a CVS, a pet store, an ice cream store, and much more. There are also big banks that are in the surrounding area. A little further away you can find fancier restaurants and places to eat, so there is a little bit of something for everyone. A majority of the items we need are easily acceptable in the surrounding area but definitely not everything.
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