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My experience with Bedford Township has been great. I've grown up here and I've watched it expand into what it is today. The local shops and restaurants make it the best. Bedford Township is currently improving by fixing a few potholes around the area.
Many houses are in great condition. Some need work and remodeling done. But overall there aren't too many empty houses.
The sense of community is great. Most people take pride in the community. The opportunities are good and there is a lot to do in and near the community. It is in a nice location and people are very welcoming.
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For the most part you can walk down the street and feel perfectly safe. The small community aspect creates an area of low crime and sense of security. More lighting along certain streets would be nice. Cops are often visible and travel around the community to keep it safe. There are also well certified firefighters and EMTs in our community.
This place is a great place to live. It is the perfect mix of country and city. There are many opportunities for an entrepreneur to open his or her own small business. They like to keep business within the community. There is a huge sense of family everywhere you go. The school system has great teachers and other professionals. The opportunities for sports or extra curricular activities is vast and there is always a large support group. It is just a great friendly environment and place to live.
Hoestly the town all seems very close with each other with it being so big
The police and fire stations respond very quickly when they are needed. I am not very involved in politics but my main concern is the quality of our roads. Now that winter is coming to a close, I would like to see potholes filled to help diminish damages to cars and individuals.
There are bound to be crimes in any location and most of the crimes are minor. Overall, I feel safe in this area because nothing has happened to me to hinder me feeling safe. I also see police cars often on the roads.
Living in Michigan, there are bound to be plenty of extremes in the weather, especially when it comes to winter. Sometimes the temperature, without the windchill, can go to -5 degrees. There is also the amount of snowfall that is a big problem, on top of the lack of snowplows that go through our neighborhood. The most essential items in my wardrobe are tee shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, sweatpants, flip flops, and boots to be prepared for any kind of weather that Michigan brings.
There are plenty of companies and stores around this area but many of their employees are long time employees so that makes it difficult for upcoming sixteen year old's to find jobs. Most people in this area either work in restaurants or fast-food.
I work at Sidelines, which is a very popular bar and grill. There are food specials everyday and drink specials most nights. Other than Sidelines, there are plenty of Mexican restaurants that Temperance/Lambertville residents love to spend time at. The bars stay open late and a lot of restaurants often keep their kitchen open until midnight.
There are plenty of restaurant and stores run by individuals in my community and it makes me feel good that everybody seems to know everybody. Our Kroger was renovated recently and I love the changes that it has brought. This helps bring more money into Michigan instead of people crossing state lines and investing their money in Ohio stores.
The housing is a little older for example the house I live in with my father is from 1974 its a small 2 story house, large enough for the two of us but has a great roomy yard with a large garage
Temperance, Bedford area is great its between to cities Toledo and Monroe which are more populated and less desirable due to the more concentrated population. There are many ranges of houses from low income to filthy rich but its for the most part a country type setting where people care about the community and environment, I am very thankful and blessed to live here.
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