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When I think of Bedford, crime does not come to mind. It's not often that you see crime stated in the newspaper and rarely, if ever, see crime in real time in Bedford area. It's a very safe place, overall, well-lit town, and police are seen very frequently; probably more frequently than most areas.
Bedford County has a lot to offer people of all ages - leisure activities, the great outdoors, unique town shops and great food; all in one little area!
You see lots of police in this area and they bust a lot of drug deals.
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The overall experience here is okay. Depending on where you live some people like to stay up late at night and cause racket.
The safety of this area has to be up there as one of the safest places in the state. The crime rate is incredibly low with no major crimes happening in a long time. I wouldn't walk down Pitt Street in the middle of the night but other than that, safe place that you don't have to worry much. We feel safe not even locking our doors at night
The experience here is fantastic for the rural/small town lover who likes the outdoors. The town is the best in there area, with a 5 star resort that brings in tourists to see the Historic side of Bedford from the revolutionary war period. The history of this place is off the charts and that's half of what makes it special. The other half is the many small shops and businesses that love to serve you and always make you feel welcome. The dining is the best in the area and I would never leave if I could find a job in my major here
It's honestly a great area. Many people are very welcoming and we are such a tight-knit community. This town has a very historic air to it especially with Fort Bedford right in the middle of town and the historic Lincoln Highway going right through it. I would definitely live here again if I had the chance; my roots are here. This area has been growing quite a bit since I moved here. New people are always moving here and new businesses are opening and giving life to this little town of ours. I'm glad to call it home.
There are cops who patrol every once in a while looking for teens who are misbehaving and people who are disobeying the law.
It isn't the best area to live in but it also isn't the worst.
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