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boring town, very small and far away from everything. school system is pretty nice but they are tyrants. people are pretty nice around here. there is nothing to do in the area except Burlington
We moved to Bedford 3 years ago when we made the decision to leave the city. It is a great town with lots of restaurants and things to do. It is close enough to Boston that we make the trip often, but we feel removed enough to enjoy the suburbs
Bedford is a nice, family oriented town that is safe and has a great school system. Being a college student in the town may be rough at times as there isn't as much provided for you since it is a town that mainly caters to families with young children. Overall, I've enjoyed living in Bedford even though the housing costs are quite high.
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Bedford is a small town roughly 30 minutes from Boston. Members of this tight knit friendly community make you feel welcome wherever you go. The school system is great, the small classes allow students to work closely with teachers and develop long lasting relationships. They offer free lunch programs and reduced lunch programs for those who are at an economic disadvantage. Bedford High has a 28% total minority enrollment and a 98% graduation rate. Although the night life is not very exciting they are only 10 minutes away from Burlington which has a movie theater, mall, and a bunch of nice restaurants. Bedford is a very safe community with low crime rates. I believe that Bedford is the perfect place to raise a family.
This is a quaint town, and while there are those of the stereotype, white, upper-middle class, there are also smaller sub-groupings of beautiful cultural varieties. Traffic around 7am and 4-6pm is almost always terrible, though this is true of almost every suburban area around Boston, and notoriously bad is Boston itself.
This community has that real Norman Rockwell small town feel. Very close knit and welcoming. A great place grow a family with wonderful schools and resources. Convenient location, within only a 20 minute drive from New Hampshire and Boston (opposite directions).
There is extremely low amounts of crime in Bedford.
This is definitely a very safe and pleasant area to live.
Bedford is very very safe. Police are responsive to phone calls.
Very nice and friendly town to live in. Very typical upper middle class suburban town.
Low crime rate. Pretty safe area even later on in the evening!
Convenient because of its location. Close to stores, malls, gas stations, post offices/UPS, and restaurants.
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