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The city of Bedford, Indiana, is in Lawrence County, located roughly 1 hour south of the state of Indiana's capital, Indianapolis. This city is definitely interesting that's for sure. Simply put, you have no idea how this town is exactly until you visit or live within the confines of the city limits. If you ever visit this area of northern Lawrence County, you will be in for a surprise.
I was not born in Bedford, but I did grow up there. The people are very cordial and friendly. Many small businesses riddle the town and keep the economy healthy. Bedford recently underwent a project entitled "beautifying Bedford" which helped to put in elegant lamp posts along a particularly dark street, traveled by many commuters. Although Bedford is a small town, they are only about 15 minutes from Bloomington where you can find anything you can't find in Bedford, making the traffic in Bedford very light, while big enough to get frozen yogurt, a trip to the grocery store, or your favorite cup of coffee.
The methamphetamine use is rampant. Not enough is being done to prosecute the people doing the manufacturing. The number of people released and re-released is extremely high. Meanwhile, they have every street in the city torn to pieces from construction everywhere. Our shopping options are limited, requiring travel to Bloomington, Indiana. The job market consists of minimum wage, part-time jobs, while the rental market is unreasonably inflated.
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The things I like the most about Bedford is the small town feeling and friendliness you get everywhere you go. Things I don't like about Bedford is the limited amount of activities for teens and younger children to do.
Bedford is just an average Indiana town. People from the South might find the populace to be less friendly than the South while those from large cities might find it friendlier. The nicest thing about Bedford is that it is only 30 minutes from Bloomington.
I feel pretty safe in my town. I am still cautious and keep my eyes open and try not to go places alone at night.
I was born and raised here and I think it is a pretty great town. I do wish there were more options of things to do on the weekends.
ecosystem is being destroyed. Population is out of control. we are too impulsive and do not take care of the environment. WE throw away enough food to feed all of the starving people in this country yet we don't.
We have some local parks in my area, which are nice and clean. We do have some wildlife in my area, which includes raccoon, rabbits, and possums. We actually see quite a bit for living in town.
There are more big companies than "mom-and-pop" shops. The most popular store for everything is Walmart. Bedford has a lot of discount stores like Family Dollar and IGA because a lot of people receive government assistance. The local businesses that are here are generally of good quality.
There are few good jobs available for young people. There is Crane, the school system, being a doctor, or working in a family business (usually contracting or construction). The rest of the job market is most likely saturated with minimum wage job from big corporations like Walmart and fast food chains. We used to have Vistian, but that closed down.
There are no fancy sit down restaurants where you order off of the menu. Almost all of Bedford's restaurants are fast food and chain restaurants. If the restaurant isn't a chain then it is all-you-can-eat buffet. I think there is one bar, but I've never been inside. There are no dance clubs.
The winters are usually cold and winter, but don't get below double digits usually. The spring weather can change from day to day from summer temperatures to winter temperatures. The summer months are hot and humid. Floods are uncommon in town. Tornadoes, if there are any, are rarely widely devastating. Cozy sweaters and scarves are essential for winter along with a good pair of snow boots for cold days. You don't need a parka, just a heavier coat for the cold winds. Dress in layers because sometimes the weather gets better as the day goes on. During the summer the air conditioning is always on to combat the oppressive humidity.
There is a new bike and running trail made from renovated train tracks. However, they are secluded and quiet, so it's safest to always exercise with a friend and to carry a cell phone. There is a really nice outdoor pool open during the summer with dedicated fitness times for adults who don't want to be bothered by children. The high school has a very nice track and there is a track in the middle of town. There are two hospitals that are ok and have the stereotypically slow emergency rooms if you don't arrive via ambulance. I stay active by running in my home's neighborhood or going down to the track during the summer. During the school year I am an athlete on my school's Track and Field Team. There are no bike trails/lanes through town and not enough sidewalks for people wanting to run safely out of the road.
There are a lot of quality houses in the area. There are also a lot of not so quality houses. It just depends on how much money you have. Also, a lot of the lower quality houses could be quality if they were given some time and work.
Aside from all of the big corporation businesses in the area there are several locally owned shops popping up that are wonderful. We now have a used bookstore, Inklings, that has tea and is a wonderful place for high schoolers and anyone to hang out at. We also have a sewing shop with quality, intimate, classes.
Its very difficult to find a well paying job or even a job in general.
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