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Bedford is a growing small suburb outside the city of Manchester. Bedford in the last few years has grown from just another small town to a family friendly convenient suburb. Bedford has everything from fine dinning and housing at the Bedford Village Inn located off route 101. Many new businesses and accommodations have added to Bedford in the last few years not limited to the new High School home of the Bedford bulldogs. All and all Bedford is a great place to buy your first home or come and visit the new shopes and fine dining.
It's a great town to raise your kids. Would love to see more support from
The town in regards to strengthening its support with youth activities.
Bedford is great. Close to the city but also far enough away. The people are friendly and its a great little town.
Review Bedford
Good town with a great public school system. Very wealthy town, especially by comparison to nearby Manchester, which has its perks (such as the aforementioned school system) and its drawbacks, like its snobbish culture especially in the richer parts of town.
Everyone here is honestly pretty snobby and rich, but its a decent place to grow up with really good schools and really good sports programs.
Don't let anyone fool you. Bedford is all show. If you're into keeping up with the Jones', materialism and never-ending neighborhoods that lead nowhere, Bedford is for you. The people here are phony and the town is being ruined by overdevelopment. There is no there-there. No town center or community feel. The high school has become the center of the town in many ways, but prides itself on test scores, and unless you're in the IB program you might as well be from Manchester. There are much nicer, friendlier and community oriented towns around Manchester and Nashua. They're worth a second look.
Great town, little crime, very good schools and easy access to city restaurants and events. Lots of sports for the youngest to the oldest. Very dog friendly town.
This is an amazing place to live. It is beautiful with a public school system that is better than most private schools anywhere. It is 10 min from Manchester Airport and 50 miles from downtown Boston. You are less than an hour to beautiful mountains and lakes for some of the best outdoor activities anywhere.

The people here care about their town, love their kids and participate in town and their children's activities. Wonderful stores, churches and access to major highways.

I am very happy for the past 15 years and I lived in NYC and the most beautiful places on Long Island, Manhasset, Sag Harbor and Bedford is absolutely the best place to live and raise children.
Bedford is a wonderful community to grow up. Excellent library, I enjoyed being a Junior Librarian in the summer and helping with the summer reading program. Great school system, beautiful community with tree lined streets and lots of open space. The type of community where everyone is friendly and helpful. Close proximity to Boston, great for shopping. I love living in Bedford.
The stereotype goes along the lines of this: A rich, white, republican ruled suburban town that has one of the best public schools in the country and arguably the best in the state. This is partially true; however don't put us bellow you immediately. Watch out for the property tax.
Although Bedford is an expensive place to live, it is a really nice area. It's schools are good and there are nice restaurants in the area. It's very close to manchester so working in the city is easy. There isn't many fun things to do in bedford itself, for children or adults.
Bedford is a small suburban town that is quickly thriving into a well-built and prosperous town, outside of the city of Manchester.
Pretty good place with a great school system. Generally a wealthy town, but most residents try not to boast. Very large lack of diversity as most residents are Caucasian. Very safe and a great place to raise a family.
Bedford is a great family town overall! Great schools, nice houses, close to everything....amazing! Sometimes the traffic is bad, but other than that I really reccomend this town.
Lots of mid to high end options
Life here revolves around the kids and their activities
Fantastic school system and great way of life.
Review Bedford
There is a very low crime rating in Bedford, and the police are EVERYWHERE. They are friendly and respectful, but sometimes there is so little to do that they tend to get people in trouble for silly things as opposed to big problems.
I absolutely love Bedford, NH. It is completely safe, the housing and landscaping is beautiful, and the school district is the best in the state. Bedford High School has rated among the best public schools in the nation,and there is always something to do. There is a very active community in Bedford, and it is just an overall cozy, comforting, and happy place to live in. The only downfall that I would suggest is the fact that it gets very cold and snowy in the winter, which is what you would expect from a town in NH, but I would love to live in a town exactly like this one but in a warmer climate.
The roads get destroyed during the winter, always some kind of construction going on to repair but not necessarily in the neighborhood just I'm town.
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