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It is a very nice town, and well taken care of. The only problem I have is the people living here. There is not a lot of diversity and the people can be judgmental
I am happy to say that Bedford is changing for the better. We are growing more diverse, economically and racially. There are new apartments bringing in younger folks to our community, and the Market & Main development attracts people from throughout the region.
Bedford is a town in New Hampshire that is small enough to almost always see someone you recognize when you are out and about. Although not a whole lot to to in the area, the adjacent city of Manchester is a big plus. Bedford is very fortunate to have one of the best school districts in the state of New Hampshire. I would be lying if I said that I wasn't challenged throughout my seven years spent at the Bedford School District, but I also have gained so many opportunities in experiencing such schools. Bedford, NH is home because of how close knit the community is and how the residents care and support each other each and every day. This town is lucky to have a significant amount of money distributed among the majority of families in the area, for one can say that this often plays a role in giving back to the community.
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I grew up in Bedford and played on their school sports teams. The public schools boast highly rated programs. Great sense of community and everyone is friendly. I love the small businesses that are promoted and how each is unique.
If you have the financial resources to live in Bedford and have any flexibility head to the NH coast. Bedford is a bedroom community with minimal to do here. As for education, vast majority of teachers graduated from Keene, Plymouth State, UNH so think about that before registering your children. Raised our children here and they had there college experience out-of-state, and would never come back to live. Pretty common outcome, so do your research. It is absolutely lovely with well-kept, unique homes so if this is enough then welcome.
I have grown up in Bedford since I was very young and done all my schooling here. After high school, I never plan to go to school or live in New Hampshire again. Bedford was nice growing up, but there is an extreme lack of diversity.
I loved how Bedford was always a very clean town, with nice people and a generally well-informed population when it came to wearing masks in public. It also has beautiful scenery and plenty of wildlife for those who enjoy the peace and quiet. However, it is a bit lacking in terms of the number of shops, restaurants, and museums nearby for people to explore. There is also very little diversity, both financially and ethnically, of the people in Bedford.
Overall a good town to live on with plenty of schools, grocery stores, really any essential store you need and being about an hour from Boston.
We have lived in Bedford for 8 years. The town location is great and close to Manchester and surrounding areas and airport. While it does have an excellent school system and social support, it does lack diversity. The high school tends to be great for those with high academics and those with academic support. The ones in between, the average, seemed to get pushed along without trying to help the child be better than average. Overall safety is great and the families within the community watch out for one another.
Very expensive to live here. You need to travel for entertainment. There is nothing for tens to do in town except for events organized by adults. No movies. No bowling. No arcades. No open areas.
Bedford overall is an incredible town that is continuously growing each day that passes by. The school system is amazing and is a huge reason I am where I am. The sports are insanely good. The homes are very nice ranging from lowish to very expensive. There are some great restaurants over in Bedford and there are quite a lot more that are going to be built in the future. There are a few things that worry me however. The roads take years to build or repair that definitely hurts traffic when people are simply trying to go to work. Also, they want to build apartments next to the school which is overall a terrible idea. Also, since the town is fairly small, there isn't that much you can do besides shopping and eating. I know that the people of Bedford in the future will make the right choice and do whatever is necessary for the town and I wish them the best of luck.
Lived here all my life. Snotty town with a bunch of phonies. Town officials are always spending money like it grows on trees and for unnecessary things. Taxes are almost at 100 percent property value for modest homes and a small fraction for the mini mansions with them going up yet again in 2 years. The school system is not as great as they portray them to be and the drug problem exists because these kids today are entitled and spoiled. There is little to do in this town. You can look at the pathetic ice rink the town insisted on having that no one ever used or the ridiculously ugly $60k fence they put up and allow to rot and fall apart along rte 101. How about that hideous oak tree they insist on keeping in fromt of The Bedford Village Inn? Truly a typical small town, filled with hicks and run by morons that give themselves heirs. That sums up Bedford
Bedford is a very safe own that is growing at a rapid rate. New developments and shops open up each year providing new experiences close by. The school system was very good and it set me up very well for college. The only problem with Bedford is nothing happens after 8 pm.
Love living here. Best of all worlds close to everything you could want with a small town feel on the west side of town and more urban feel developing in south river road.
We have lived in Bedford for 12 years and have seen a lot of growth; recently Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Market Basket, and brand new Hannaford. Widening of 101 in Bedford by the Bedford Village Inn will help with traffic flow. Manchester has some great restaurants and is only 12 mins away. We are an hour away from everything; the mountains and lakes, ocean, and Boston. Yes housing is expensive, but the homes are spread apart with lots of woods as buffers...very private and beautiful!
Bedford is a nice town located next to Manchester. The school district is superb and the small businesses are excellent as well. Housing is expensive, but the people who live in it make up for the downsides. Either way it’s a great place to live.
Bedford is a very pretty town with a good school system. There are plenty of store and shops to keep people entertained. Most people in this town are upper middle class which means there are some snotty and tuck up people.
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Schools and restaurants are great. People can be pretentious, but it is not hard to find a niche of down-to-earth people. Mostly everyone is well-off, however, and there is little racial and financial diversity.
Good commuting location. I would not move there even for the well rated school - if I had to I would send my children to a private school and make sure they had a much wider group of friends beyond town. Also, like almost no diversity....... Bedford is not exempt from drug problems of NH - in fact kids are more likely to have ample pocket money to spend at their own discretion.
Living in a nearby town, I am always impressed when I go to Bedford. It feels like a MetroWest suburb of Boston, or a nice town near Manhattan rather than a town near Manchester. Whole Foods, Shake Shack, REI and a movie theater to come.
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