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Bedford Heights Reviews

13 reviews
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Bedford Heights is a friendly city near shopping and Parks. There's a lot of things to do in the city.
the police are visible and constantly patrolling
The area has been safe and productive
A lot of abandoned buildings and properties near where I live. It's not the worst I've seen.
I haven't felt like this is a community. It's pretty pet/family friendly though. A lot of festivals go on during the summer where you can bring family, not pets though.
I don't really feel all that safe where I live. Crime rates aren't the best here. I see police occasionally.
Too many big dogs and schools were bad
Not afraid to be out after dark
Living in Bedford Ohio is okay. Its nothing bad but it also could be better. I have been living here my whole life so I am okay with It.
Speaking when I lived in Bedford Heights, I always loved to go to their library. They have the best resources available. The neighborhood was good and the nature was excellent.
The area I live in is on the fence for me. Overall the quality of life is low, but the things to do and see and the people all make the rating a bit higher. I wish the schools were closer to where I am, though.
the job market is fine. most places here but majority of people I know work in different cites like solon.
the businesses in the area are good for people that don't live around here.
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