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The crime rate in this area is very low due to good police and community cooperation.
Bedford, Virginia is a quiet little town valley of the Blue Ridge mountains. The surrounding countryside is one of the biggest selling points for Bedford. It is also conveniently located between to major cities in Virginia, Lynchburg and Roanoke. This allows for a good balance between nature and cultural experinces.
There is plenty of outdoors here. Lots of trees, fields, creeks, mountains, etc. There are several factories around, such as a rubber and paper factory.
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The police are slow to respond when needed but quick to harass people walking down the road. Local reps don't seem to care what the citizens want.
Businesses that open up may or may not make it. There isn't a lot of business unless you're on the side of the highway. There isn't a lot of variety and most people travel to the next city to shop. Most mom-and-pop shops go under pretty quick. The ones that survive usually move to areas with more business.
There isn't a whole lot of diversity. There are a few people from other countries and people move here from other states, but the majority are white, Christian, and heterosexual. Most are families who have lived here for generations. People tend to be very nice to each other though.
The houses in town are very nice houses. Most are very large with decent sized yards and are well maintained. The further you get from the center of town, the worse the houses start looking. Some are nice, some are run-down and vacant, some are in between. There are several vacant businesses. A lot of people live in HUD housing apartments or trailer parks. Most people can't afford the nice houses.
It's not the worst. We have a hospital but no maternity ward and the doctors are hit or miss as far as quality. For fitness centers we have the YMCA or a few gyms. Most people just walk around town for exercise. I don't have a car, so I walk to work every day. I also like to go hiking and swimming sometimes.
We have the D-Day Memorial, and every year the town hosts Centerfest and closes the center of town for a festival type event. On normal days there isn't much to do.
People are nice and friendly. However, there isn't much in the line of entertainment.
There's some crime but for the most part it's pretty quiet, which can also be a problem as the police end up harassing innocent citizens sometimes.
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