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The police officers are visible and they do respond in great time.
There are certain parts of my town that are great, and others are sketchy.
West Chester has every end of the spectrum. There are several different "hot spots" in a small radius. For young adults, the AMC theatre is popular as its surrounded by P.F. Changs, Champs and Red Robin. Just an exit up is a small strip mall with Target, Michael's and TJ Maxx. One can't go for more than a mile or two without hitting a gas station or convenience store. There is anything from an Irish Pub to a Little Italy to a home café.
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Considering I am a senior in high school, my basis for judging employment is defined by the status of parents of close friends. Out of about 20 friends and therefore 40 parents, only 2 adults remain jobless. Two of which I openly know about. Two in twenty adults without a job or laid off does not sound that bad. The majority of my friends have nice houses and above average living. Downtown Cincinnati is a major job threshold for the area as well and P&G. West Chester tends to have a positive job outlook.
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