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A few houses are up for sale, there aren't any broken down buildings or abandoned properties where I live.
The general atmosphere is the embodiment of classic suburban lifestyle. If you like peace and quiet, and a generally friendly neighborhood, Logan Township is a good area. But not being accustomed to a quiet lifestyle, it is a bit strange for myself-I moved here from a small borough that I lived in for a year, and before that I've lived most of my life in a boisterous town. This place is alright, but then again the experience is different for everyone.
The police respond quickly and can be seen patrolling the streets like they are suppose to do.
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The atmosphere is pretty calm. Not a lot of things happen here so that is nice. It's not really busy either.
The Swedesboro-Logan township area is a great place to live. I have lived here my whole life, and the schools are fairly good as far as I saw and experienced. The atmosphere is great, not a whole lot of crime. I think I once saw a review somewhere that said the area is 25% lower in crime than the surrounding area. I haven't seen much of anything in terms of criminal activity.
I feel very save in my area. The crimes don't usually happen around me.
Our public service men and women are very good. they handle things very well.
I love the weather here. We get all four seasons, some winters colder than others, and some summers a little hot.
The job opportunities come and go. Many people who work locally also attend college, so once school starts, opportunities open up.
You may choose to go to Applebees, or even the Village Pub.
There are many strip malls where you can get everything you may need. There are a few mom-and-pop shops, but also larger places like acme and wawa.
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