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Becker is just an overall nice city to be in because it feels safe and is fairly close to bigger cities such as Monticello and Elk River. One downside is the lack of stores within the city and lack of entertainment.
There is very little violence in Becker.
Small, quite town and a great place to live.
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Very nice homes in the area.
People are not very friendly to new people.
The people aren't the nicest here, if you're new in town you're mostly ignored.
There may not be many things to do in this area but the best part is the people. Everyone knows basically everyone which is great. I have enjoyed growing up here and being able to leave my mark on the town.
Living as a teenager in this town, there is limited things to do besides sporting events. Traveling always has to occur is a day of fun is to be occurring.
Punks in certain places. Nicer areas seem to be a lot safer rather than the more run down areas.
Four seasons...the regular. Many tornado and severe weather warnings.
Employment opportunites in the area are practically nonexistent, unless you have a close relative or friend willing to hire you.
There's nothing really special about the local businesses in the area. Most of the residents go elsewhere when they need something.
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