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Beaverton has a great small town feel and close to Portland. schools are generally good. library and many community events
I recently moved here and the area is great. It is near a lot of stores and has a couple of public libraries, and a lot of good schools. There are many activities that you can do in a group, or family and even alone.
Great schools, the option schools are like no other! But the cost of living has risen so high its nearly impossible for the working class to afford to live out here.
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I recently moved up to Beaverton not too long ago. The environment is busy but fun. In the spring and summer time, you see a lot f people out and about around local parks. There are strips of malls and stores near the main roads for people to gather. The food here is awesome, lots of variety to try. Ranges from Western to Asian food. The people are friendly to short temper at time, but I think it is due to the heavy traffic that happens daily. NIKE campus HQ is also located here in Beaverton, OR. So it is a popular place for tourist and famous names.
Beaverton is a Great Suburb to live in with great infrastructure and shopping. The Parks and rec planning and maintenance is above and beyond that of neighboring cities/towns. Most of the infrastructure is tailored to health and well being with new projects for bike and walking trails as well as convenient locations for parks and plenty of activities for any age.
Nice area that is conveniently located near other major cities, such as Portland and Tigard. Lots of public transportation available.
Beaverton is a safe area, even at night. Neighbors are friendly. But the bus stop is pretty far away for me.
It's in the middle of everything. Close to downtown Portland, close to mountains, the beach, and lakes. Come across some great people and easy to feel safe.
I have lived in Beaverton my whole life and even though it isn't the most fancy place in the world it is a community that always comes together as one.
Beaverton is afforable, family friendly and has a ton of well kept parks nearby. West beaverton has a small emerging nightlife and is close to portland.
It is a quiet area that has blocks at least a mile from every housing devlopment. It also has great schools and shopping.
It's home. Good community and great local businesses. Accessible by transit and only 15 minutes from downtown Portland. Expensive neighborhood to live in (more and more so every year) but it's not as bad as other areas. Awesome library, too.
Very safe area with major employers located in or near the city such as Nike, Columbia, Intel, Tektronix. Unfortunately this has led to traffic congestion and on top of that, lots of construction projects. Ample housing opportunities for renting, real estate is pretty pricey- a seller's market for sure. Lots of shopping options and typical suburban activities. Public transportation provides a great alternative to sitting in traffic for your commute. Great downtown area and the farmer's market is the best around.
Beaverton is great... There are a ton of strip malls, but the neighborhoods are tucked away enough that it doesn't FEEL like you're surrounded by big box stores. Transportation is easy between the WES and the MAX, and it's just as easy to get in and out of Portland using public transit.
Beaverton is a suburb of Portland, Oregon. It is a safe area with lots of restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping areas. It is very family friendly. The school district, Beaverton School District, has many great public schools in the area. Beaverton does not have a huge nightlife, but Portland is not that far of a drive away for that. The commute time to Portland depends on the time of day, location, and day of the week. During rush hour, the freeway can be extremely congested, but there are many alternative routes from Beaverton to Portland that make traveling less difficult.
I love the town for its diversity and many restaurants! It has many shopping centers and a high security in the law enforcement. I feel safe in the town with how active the community is in their police officers and how welcoming the town is to all diversities. The one thing I would change is the roads and traffic. There are pot holes everywhere and I feel that Beaverton could do better with traffic control.
The people are always so kind and polite. It's a small city that also has suburbs included within it's boundaries. There is always a lot to do, and everything is relatively close. Beaverton is about twenty minutes away from Portland, OR, which provides even more activities and events to go to. There are also a lot of public parks, recreational centers, and libraries that are well-kept and provide many different activities in the summer.
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Beaverton is a suburb of Portland Oregon in Washington county. It is a safe, clean, and beautiful city. With many parks, large libraries, and plenty of shopping, Beaverton is a quintessential place to live and raise a family.
I am living with my sister and I like it.. I wish I can find job nearby .. so that I can continue living here
I've always felt very safe in Beaverton and there is a decent amount of things to do. One major complaint is all the new housing being put up, but that is occuring everywhere.
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