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It's a desirable enough area, well connected with public transportation to downtown. There is, however, a fair amount of road construction regularly. Traffic can be a problem. Take the train and this problem solves itself.
Beaverton is a cute town, where lots of people grow up, settle in and raise their own families. While Beaverton has been growing, it still has a sense of small town community. Especially, in the sports community. As my children were growing up playing sports, I was able to be a part of a tight knit group of parents that had bonded. Even from other schools. The schools have a tight knit community that really pull together in time of need. I have witnessed many people pulling together to take care of families around the area. It is a very warm feeling to be apart of the Beaverton community.
Beaverton is a great city, but it has terrible directional signs. It is a great mix of large corporations and small business. It is sadly in the beginning stage of being taken over by apartments, townhouses and the works.
Beaverton is a upcoming "American town". It is primary a diverse community with lots of history and culture.
Beaverton is most notably a safe, clean city with excellent transportation from Tri-Met and a collection of hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Visitors often stop by to dine out or to shop at one of the many unique shops. Though not as diverse or active as Portland, Beaverton possesses a pleasant level of tidiness and healthy attitude.
Beaverton is lovely. It's smaller than portland but still has a lot of great food. It's a short commute if you work downtown.
Beaverton is a great, friendly community on the West side of Portland. It is positioned such that it is not to crowded and has plenty of open space, but still has easy access to the city. Great place to live!
Favorable distance form downtown Portland with lower rent pricing. Nice neighborhoods with clean streets vs downtown Portland. Lots to do in a small radius regardless of which area of Beaverton you are located. Have lived here for 9 years.
We really love the area! Many things to do, especially when the kids are out of school, most between 15-and 30-minute drive. Only two things we don't like are:
- The snow, because they don't have the means to completely take care of it, so you're left with ice until it melts.
- When it's high 90's, low 100's in the summer. Without an A/C it's makes it hard to deal with.
Beaverton is a great area to grow up in. The schools are wonderful. The communities are great. The people who live in Beaverton are all friendly and help each other out when needed. There are plenty of stores to shop in and there is a wonderful mall just a few minutes away. Nike has their headquarters here in Beaverton and is a beautiful campus to walk around. Intel is also based here which makes for great job opportunities. The weather during the summer is beautiful! There are many places to go hiking and to enjoy nature. Portland is just a short drive away and is a great place to visit.
The introduction to Beaverton Oregon there's Intel here good schools healthy environment for people that's all I have to say
Beaverton is a family friendly area. It is close to metropolitan areas but is removed enough to be quiet and safe.
I have lived in Beaverton for the past 4 years. I love how close I am to everything. The only I wish was better was the prices for housing.
Beaverton is a large community just west of Portland. Theread are several PCC campuses located in the Beaverton area. There are several recreation centers, many restaurants and shopping plazas. It's very family friendly.
I moved to Beaverton about 4 years ago and it been one of the best decision in my life. Beaverton offers many opportunities and resources for its resident, visitors, and local neighbors. One my favorite things about the city is there public transportation. The second is the community. The people are very friendly and willing to help each other. Beaverton offers events and programs, so all can come together. One event would be it International Night Market because of its cultural diversity. That brings me to the third favorite thing about Beaverton, its diversity in cultures. A way it could improve is in its sustainability. As a participate of the U.S. Department of Energy's SolSmart recognition program, Beaverton has done many things to help its community and its streets. There so much the local government can do but we need the people of the city to come together to improve. Beaverton is one of those places where I can see that happening.
I love my city! Everything I want is with a shorts drive. Close to big Malls/Shopping Centers, movie theaters, exceptional food, and more! Public transportation is very handy and the city is bike friendly.
I was born and raised in the Beaverton area. If you like clean air, mountains, and the great outdoors, then Beaverton is a great place to be. Within a couple hours, driving, are wonderful (albeit a little cold) beaches, snow sports on Mt. Hood, acres and acres of National parks of every kind, and the iconic city of Portland (less than 30 minutes away without heavy traffic).
Wonderful suburban neighborhood, very safe with good schools. Very family oriented not much nightlife, and although we have bases in Intel, Nike, Adidas, and Columbia nearby job opportunities can be difficult because of the popularity of Portland.
It's on the border of the both the city and the country, which means that nature is close but so is the mall and grocery store. For the most part things are kept pretty clean.
Beaverton is a good size; not too big and not too small. I enjoy the fact that it is a short drive to downtown Portland. However, traffic can be very bad at times. It has just about everything you could need as far as shopping/retail go and is family-friendly.
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