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I have lived in and out of Beaverton my whole life and I have nothing but great things to say about it. It's a great little town and I recommend it to anyone if they are looking to move anywhere in Oregon.
Beaverton isn't as crowded and fast paced as downtown Portland is. I love living further out from the hustle and bustle of the inner city, that being said, I wish there were more local niche restaurants and bars in the Beaverton area. I feel safe in all areas I have been in.
My favorite thing about Beaverton is its ease for residents to feel "at home". I lived in Nashville for a few years after High School and that feeling was simply not there. Beaverton has great communities of people and is very welcoming, and I'd love to see it grow into a fast-pace town and see how the community evolves with it.
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Excellent public and private school options, friendly and helpful neighbors in the multiple neighborhoods we have lived in, and there is ample access to work and play anywhere in the city. Be sure to check out Tualatin Hills and Cooper Mountain Nature parks!
I enjoy living in Beaverton, but in the past few years the cost of living has gone way up. Other than that I have always felt safe living here, and I have to say that I am lucky to be able to live in a place that is so eco-friendly.
The city of Beaverton offers a great variety of shops, restaurants and businesses in general. It is close to Portland but has a small town feel. The downside of Beaverton is that the traffic can be really challenging on many of the major streets.
I liked Beaverton SO much more about 5 years ago. It was crowded then but now it has gotten to the point of over populated almost impossible to get anywhere. There is construction on almost EVERY major road. I feel like the city has gotten a lot of tax money from Nike and intel in the last couple years so now they are spending it like crazy on bigger roads... but rather than having one road closed down and having everyone work on that one road they decided to go crazy and make it nearly impossible to go anywhere. Anyways, Beaverton is a great place, and it shows by how much the cost of living has gone up and the fact that people flock to this city.
It was jarring moving here from a smaller town. The speed limits are higher and if you're driving even a little bit under that, other drivers become increasingly aggressive. This is also a heavy traffic area, so it's good to be conscious of that and know when there is high traffic in your area. It is also a very expensive area to live. If you don't work at the hospitals or tech companies in the area, it's difficult to afford to live here.
Positives: 15 minute drive from downtown Portland, all the shops/groceries/services you could ever need within 5-10 minutes, not over crowded, great food and coffee, lots of local hiking and parks.
Negatives: A lot of traffic, quite a few homeless people.
I love the convenience of Beaverton. There is a lot to do like shopping and restaurants without the over crowding of large cities. Traffic is very manageable and the people are great.
Beaverton is a very diversified suburb of the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. It is a melting pot of cultures and financial means because of the wide array of international businesses and supporting companies. Beaverton attracts some of the highest paid high tech engineers from around the world to the hardest working migrant farm workers. Beaverton has a vast history of farming and once was filled with orchards. Now this area is known as the "Silicon Forest" and houses many high tech firms from around the world. Beaverton is also home to the world's most famous sports apparel company, Nike. Public schools are very diversified and reflect the community we live in. Beaverton has all the large town amenities but still has a small town feel.
I have loved living in Beaverton although in the last ten years he population has nearly tripled. What used to be easy traffic is rush hour madness many places and construction for road widening all over. With this frustration aside, it is a safe and interesting suburb.
Beaverton is in the suburbs and it's quiet in some areas and nice. Not very Diverse and not a lot of family activities here. It's expensive and if you need assistance, there is not a lot of resources.
Beaverton is the place to be outside of downtown Portland. With many other cities being a short drive away and transit on ever corner getting around is no problem. The people are kind and the area looks amazing as does the whole Portland metro area!
I have lived in Beaverton for over 12 years now and absolutely love my town and community. I love that it is maintained clean and safe, allowing me to live in peace and harmony with my young daughter.
I have been living Beaverton for well over two years now and it's been one of the best cities I've lived in so far. There are so many local stores around and a shopping mall not so far away. Beaverton is definitely a growing city that is bringing so many opportunities to the people that live in it.
It's a desirable enough area, well connected with public transportation to downtown. There is, however, a fair amount of road construction regularly. Traffic can be a problem. Take the train and this problem solves itself.
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Beaverton is a cute town, where lots of people grow up, settle in and raise their own families. While Beaverton has been growing, it still has a sense of small town community. Especially, in the sports community. As my children were growing up playing sports, I was able to be a part of a tight knit group of parents that had bonded. Even from other schools. The schools have a tight knit community that really pull together in time of need. I have witnessed many people pulling together to take care of families around the area. It is a very warm feeling to be apart of the Beaverton community.
Beaverton is a great city, but it has terrible directional signs. It is a great mix of large corporations and small business. It is sadly in the beginning stage of being taken over by apartments, townhouses and the works.
Beaverton is a upcoming "American town". It is primary a diverse community with lots of history and culture.
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