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Beavercreek is a pretty typical suburb. It is nice to have a family friendly environment. The parks and bike trails are nice. The houses are nice, but not incredibly unique. There are a lot of chain restaraunts and stores around Beavercreek, and not very many small businesses. There is basically no night life. The commute is nice. If you are looking for nightlife, Beavercreek is close to Dayton. If you are looking for unique small businesses or a good hiking experience, Yellow Springs is nearby. Beavercreek is not at all a bad place to live. It is pretty average.
It would be nice to have more restaurants, an ice skating rink, a roller skating rink and a couple hotels near the Greene. I feel like the schools prepare the kids for college but the most of the schools and facilities are the same as 30 years ago. Updates are needed.
Beavercreek is a very good place to live. There is not a lot of crime, it is family friendly, and the people who live in Beavercreek are very welcoming. There is not a big nightlife scene in Beavercreek, but there are plenty of restaurants and shopping opportunities. Beavercreek Schools are an A ranked school system. They offer many different courses of study as well as gifted and honors programs. You can take a variety of classes at the high school from your required English and Math to Psychology and Human Anatomy and Physiology. I think I am very lucky to have grown up in Beavercreek.
Great community that has plenty to do in the surrounding area. You are about 20 minutes from anything really worth your while if you want to make a day out of the event. Lots of local festivities and pretty good shopping as well
Our town is nice albeit a little boring. There isn't much to do in Beavercreek. The malls are great but there is nothing else very interesting. The good thing is that it is close to the Air Force museum and relatively close to Cincinnati with more activities. Downtown Dayton is slightly better than Beavercreek for performing arts as well.
Most people don't even lock their doors at night.
It's a growing place and a great place for a family, but I'm a young adult who doesn't want to need a car.
Fantastic, quiet place to live.
no crime that I have seen.
not the best but I like it.
Rarely any crime sightings. Their is a neighborhood watch.
I love all the people here. Very nice and friendly and even invite you to pool cookouts, etc.
I'm not very sure what the whole situation in my area is but the crime isn't any worst then anywhere else I guess.
The area where I live is a nice place to live with plenty of nice people.
It's relatively low when compared to surrounding areas.
The general atmosphere is extremely calm and quiet, great for families with small children or elders. It's extremely clean compared to surrounding areas and has a great school system. If I had to live here again or raise a family here, it would definitely be a good pick.
I have only heard of a handful of crime situations occurring in my own neighborhood.
It's a nice place to live, not too much crime, good size, will probably live here for my entire life
The Beavercreek Policy are always coming through the neighborhoods to ensure safety.
I would choose to live here all over again. The economy is raising and new businesses are constantly providing job opportunities for people.
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