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Never hear of anything bad happening out here.
The lake Norrell community is small, and peaceful. If you do not like being far from things, this place is not the right place for you. Neighbors always help each other to overcome a struggle.
In my experience weather has not been a problem.
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I personally have not experienced any negatives concerning traveling and transportation in this area.
I am not involved in politics
Some exercise regular while others do not. It's a personal choice.
I love living in this area.
We recycle metal quite often
Not many restaurants close by.
As I said it is in the country so not many close job options.
Since it's more in the country all stores are a bit of a drive away. Around 15-20 minutes. So the stores are not technically in this community.
Living here is truly been a great experience and the community is just advancing splendidly.
The people in this part are simple living and easy to get along with. It's quite friendly.
This area is out in the "country" so not much happens in these parts. It's fairly quiet and easy to go about your business undisturbed.
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