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I would like to see less trash around town. An the rodent problem fixed. I would like the school to get iPads for every kid like the rest around here.
Beaver falls is a melting pot of culture and personality. Some places are off the beaten path and end up as great jewels. I would def recommend a visit to certain areas.
Beaver Falls is a 3rd class City. It has seen the best of times and the great fall of factories. Currently, it has a rough reputation, but if you don't go looking for trouble, it won't find you. There are great little places to eat out here and some really cool shops too. It will take some time, but Beaver Falls is making a comeback.
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I'd like to see the community get cleaned up. Less drugs and better jobs. There is currently a lot of crime in the area that makes me not want not raise kids in the area.
As a Beaver Falls resident –since birth–, this town has provided a comfortable living experience for a child/ young adult. The state of local businesses has deteriorated in recent years, with specialized storefronts closing down and low-budget dollar stores being established in their place. The school district provides an average-level Pennsylvania education for its students, although notable academic shortcomings have become apparent with students who transfer to other state schools. The school district's athletic program is the pivotal source of the school's pride, with athletic expenses being prioritized over academic spending.
I have always Like Beaver Falls. I basically grew up here. Its nice to come back not just to visit but to live.
One case since I lived here was thoroughly solved
Intimidating to outsiders, but I enjoy living here
I can't completely degrade my hometown. This is where I was born and raised. However, it is turning into a hole to get stuck into and many of the people who live here are stuck. The education system is slipping but it is good and as long as you get it and leave before you get stuck you will be fine.
Not really a lot of places you can get a job mainly have to go out of town
Its a very small country town which mean not a lot of variety stores to go to or choose from. Overall the town has basic needs for people
There are local fitness places that are utilized by the public, but another part of town is known for avid drug and alcohol abuse. The local hospital is not far from town and is easily assessable.
The roads that needed worked on due to the horrible winter and the increase in potholes does slow down the transportation routes. Walking in the city isn't all that bad, though sometimes you'll see overgrown sidewalks and will have to cross the street. The public bus service is normally on time and is very speedy and is a great way for me to travel without a car of my own.
Living around here is decent. There can be things to do if you go out and do them, but if you have no way of doing anything, around here can get pretty boring really quick.
There are plenty of fast food joints in my area that a clean and quick. There are also many locally own restaurants that have excellent food and pleasant waitresses. I throughly enjoy the occasions when I eat l locally.
Everything around here runs smoothly but does have its off days. The fire/police officers tend to take a while to reach the scene and to take action. I have also seen officers on duty just carelessly ignore obvious crime. Although these crimes were not the most serious of offenders, it is still a crime and shouldn't be done.
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