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Since I have lived here most of my life, I wouldn't continue living here. I wouldn't recommend anyone else to move here either. Especially if you are looking to start a new family.
We can't do too much of outdoor activities in this town because there isn't much to do. But if you take a little drive to the cities near by there are many fun walking trails and places you can easily go hiking and canyoning. There is a marsh near by that allows people to go and see the wildlife out in it's natural habitat and you aren't allowed to harm any of the living things there. We have a lot of places to go to watch the sunset by the lake and it is a gorgeous scene to watch at night.
I am thankful for the firemen and women but the police officers here are ridiculous. They go around busting people for minor things when they could be getting all the people speeding and drunk driving, the ones endangering other people's lives. I don't really agree much with what my state governor says but I don't get into politics too much, I just watch the news and hear about what is being said just so I'm informed.
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The weather here is pretty great. The four seasons are a nice change of scenery, however the winter months can last awhile and get pretty bad. The weather changes a lot in one week though. One day it could be high of 70 and people will be wearing shorts and a tank-top, then the next day it could be in the 50's and you're wearing shorts/jeans and a sweatshirt.
The employment in this area is not the greatest. We only have a couple small businesses in this town and most of them already have enough workers so they don't need anymore employees. So it's kind of hard to get a job around here, unless you drive a half hour to 45 minutes away.
The local businesses are okay, but they could be better. We don't have too much of a variety here and not too many either since a lot of them are shutting down. You can get the basic necessities here, but if you want something that has a little better quality you have to go to the closest city that would have it, which would be about a half hour drive away. All in all, we can get buy with what we have here but it would be nicer to have a little more of a variety.
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