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It's an awesome place to live if you are family oriented. Neighbors are so friendly. . there is a lit of homes currently for sale
Beaver Dam overall is a decent place to reside! Churches of your choice; a nice cinema theater; Community Theater with on-going plays; excellent grocery shopping along with 'big box' stores; some excellent places of employment; community center, indoor skating rink, ball parks, tennis courts and endless beautiful parks! You can feel at ease walking or biking!
I love the community. It's a great town to live in if you don't like be cities. It's family friendly and depending on the neighborhood that you live in it can be pretty quiet and peaceful. The neighbors are polite and friendly as well.
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Beaver Dam seemed like a really nice place to buy our first home. We found a cute neighborhood and a nice first home. As time has gone on we have heard a lot about the drug use around here. We don't plan to stay forever. The local law enforcement is nice, and there are some fun things to do around town. It is the center location from the neighboring towns. I'd like there to be less drug use, that would make Beaver Dam amazing. But unfortunately that isn't really something only a few people can change.
I truly love Beaver Dam as I am currently in the process of purchasing a home here as well.
I moved from Africa to live in Wisconsin. Needless to say that the transition was very shocking but it turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life. I love everybody that I met there and I will never forget them. The people in Wisconsin are very welcome being and helpful, they will always help you find your way.
Beaver Dam was a very nice place to live but drugs are becoming more common with parents. The jobs are the same but there are more people fighting for them. The school is run down and the rich side of town wouldn't even spend money to fix the road they live on. The teachers who have been working at the school a long time are good but the turnover rate is getting crazy.
I don't plan on living here after high school but if you are into small town lifestyle it'll fit you
Housing is average for a medium sized town in this area
I go to the local YMCA almost every day and get outside to other areas as much as possible
There are not really a large amount of attractions in the immediate area
I love hiking/biking and exploring the outdoors. I would never advise a nature-lover to live around here.
There's random theft and crime every now and then but the only real fear is drunk and reckless drivers, crime is not a big factor into most people's lives.
I have never had troubles with public services in my city. I think Scott Walker is a poor governor and does not allocate state funds correctly to move Wisconsin forward.
I'm sure very few people come to Beaver Dam for jobs. Beaver Dam has some factories and average jobs that most towns have such as fast food jobs and chain stores.
It's cold and snowy in the winter, and hot and sunny in the summer. Pretty average Midwest.
Benvenutos and Park Avenue are very popular with adults in Beaver Dam. Benvenutos has been around for quite a while and the food and ambience is pretty good. Park Avenue is newer and is like a bar for people that don't like run down pubs in the area. I think the food is quite poor at Park Ave. but many people think it is pretty good. Sake House is a Japanese restaurant that opened up a couple years ago and I love to visit.
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We have different restaurants and businesses that seem to pop up every few months or so. Most restaurants and businesses are relatively poorly run and only stay open for a few months. There are definitely decent restaurants and shops that have been around for a long time and have recently started and seem successful to this point. There are options if you want a decent restaurant or local shop, but less than you would expect and many are disappointing.
It is a small town, not much goes on. There isn't a mall in town, nowhere for kids to go and hangout really.
I don't particularly have time to exercise much myself, but I see others all the time. Mostly at the YMCA or other local fitness establishments around the city. When summer rolls around, every night you see people walking their dogs or riding their bikes around.
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