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I really enjoy the brand new high school that has been completely remodeled within my high school career. I love watching the back to back champions of the girls basketball and their season--it really brings the community together. I wish Beaver Dam would have a few more activities to do; most people have to travel 30 minutes or more to do something other than eat or watch a movie.
Beaver Dam is a nice, quiet town in southeastern Wisconsin. That's the thing, though - it's nice and quiet. In this town, there is not much at one's disposal to do. There are some small businesses in the downtown area, and there are plenty of restaurants, but as far as entertainment goes, there is nothing that stands out in Beaver Dam; we have a small movie theater, a YMCA, and plenty of bars, but that's as far as it stretches. The current mayor is trying to bring about change to draw more small businesses and "life" to the city, so there is plenty of potential for change.
Beaver Dam is a small town but bigger than surrounding towns. There is not much to do within the town. Madison is only a 45 minute drive making it easy to get to if need be.
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This is a cute little town with very friendly people. It is nice because you aren't too far away from the bigger cities if you want to go out for a night.
Beaver Dam overall isn't so bad. It's a quiet little town that is nice to walk around in at nice with some music. But live here long enough, and you'll get bored of the same old restaurants and stores. One thing I would like to change in Beaver Dam is to add a big mall here, it'll create better entertainment for most of the citizens.
Moved here a few years ago to be closer to job in Madison and still close to family. If not for the high quality of the schools and their staff I would've only given one star. Recently passed a referendum to remodel the high school. Roads are terrible, no curbs on streets so cars just drive on your lawn. Except for one nice bar and grill (Park Ave. Sports Café) everything else is run down that would be considered a bar. It has the worst looking and uninspiring downtown for any town this size I have ever seen. If I had to do it all over I would've moved to Columbus or Sun Prairie.
I have been living here for about 4 years now and I have enjoyed my life here ever since moving. I do believe that we have problems with our roads and they need to be repaired. I also think we should have a Buffalo Wild Wings in town in the near future.
I moved here from an outer suburb of Chicago. I've met many wonderful people, and there is some movement towards improving the town. However, there is a core of people who slow things down because they dislike taxes. Jobs are mostly in healthcare, manufacturing, and lowend service jobs, but not a lot else. There are many bars, but very few interesting restaurants. Shopping is not great. There is a community theater and an arts association, but not much many art or music events. There is open country outside of town, and many parks that are wonderful (if in need of updating), but if you want to enjoy nature, you have to go elsewhere. As a young woman, I feel safe walking around during the day. It's not a bad place to live, but it's nothing to brag about, either.
I like how we are big enough to have a large school and many shopping areas but we don't have much for teens to do around town.
I like that it is a smaller town, and many people know one another. It has many older people who are involved and dedicated to the community. I wish there were more younger people with more things for families to do. It is great if you are into sports, especially baseball. There are some farmers.
It's an awesome place to live if you are family oriented. Neighbors are so friendly. . there is a lit of homes currently for sale
Beaver Dam overall is a decent place to reside! Churches of your choice; a nice cinema theater; Community Theater with on-going plays; excellent grocery shopping along with 'big box' stores; some excellent places of employment; community center, indoor skating rink, ball parks, tennis courts and endless beautiful parks! You can feel at ease walking or biking!
I love the community. It's a great town to live in if you don't like be cities. It's family friendly and depending on the neighborhood that you live in it can be pretty quiet and peaceful. The neighbors are polite and friendly as well.
Beaver Dam seemed like a really nice place to buy our first home. We found a cute neighborhood and a nice first home. As time has gone on we have heard a lot about the drug use around here. We don't plan to stay forever. The local law enforcement is nice, and there are some fun things to do around town. It is the center location from the neighboring towns. I'd like there to be less drug use, that would make Beaver Dam amazing. But unfortunately that isn't really something only a few people can change.
I truly love Beaver Dam as I am currently in the process of purchasing a home here as well.
I moved from Africa to live in Wisconsin. Needless to say that the transition was very shocking but it turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life. I love everybody that I met there and I will never forget them. The people in Wisconsin are very welcome being and helpful, they will always help you find your way.
Beaver Dam was a very nice place to live but drugs are becoming more common with parents. The jobs are the same but there are more people fighting for them. The school is run down and the rich side of town wouldn't even spend money to fix the road they live on. The teachers who have been working at the school a long time are good but the turnover rate is getting crazy.
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I don't plan on living here after high school but if you are into small town lifestyle it'll fit you
Housing is average for a medium sized town in this area
I go to the local YMCA almost every day and get outside to other areas as much as possible
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