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The people tend to go for those that are popular.
transportation is mostly by private vehicle.
It is a nice area. Just can be really cold in winter
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The winters can be very cold and the summers very warm. But for the most part no too bad outside.
There are many bars and a few restaurants in the area. They are all pretty good.
With the majority of the employment in this area being dairy farms, the job outlook is just okay. There are a few small businesses, restaurants, gas stations, grocery store in the area that also employ people, but there are not that many of those jobs.
Our area is mostly rural. But we do have scom convienence stores and a grocery store. They are all great to deal with.
Fairly good environment, most people are smoosers.
There are quite a few homes for sale in the area.
Most people are distracted while driving so watch out.
There is a lot to do outside here.
There is not much for attractions around here.
The community can be a bit clique.
You can find pretty much anything you need and it will be decent.
There is not much within a good distance to just get up and do something active.
The police for my county do not do a single thing to try and solve crime unless it hits them on the nose. They will not do anything to try and track down a suspect.
There is hardly any racial diversity in my community.
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