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My overall experience with Beaumont has been great. The neighborhoods and the people in Beaumont are always very friendly. I do not live there but I attend college in Beaumont and do a lot of my shopping and partying there. Beaumont is a safe place to live as I have rarely seen or heard of any violence that occurs here. Traffic is great. I rarely ever get stock in traffic here. I see that there is a lot of open space for family gathers so there is always some kind of activities that goes on that makes me always want to take my friends and family there for outdoor activities. Overall I would recommend anyone to live here that's looking for a safe, friendly, and affordable place to live. It is also a very diverse city so anyone would fit right in no matter what their race or nationality is.
I would love to see the public school system be upgraded. There are currently 3 high schools and 1 of which is being closed due to the condition of the school. It is the eldest school standing and has major issues with the building. The school curriculum has a lot of gaps when it comes to state testing. They teach more of what is to be tested on other than what is to be expected in college and/or the real world.
Beaumont is diverse and is on the rise. Great people that are very supportive and encouraging with their southern charm.
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Beaumont is a small city with lots to do. There is hardly any traffic and crime in the area. Parkdale mall is one of my favorite places to be along with Orange Leaf.
More diversity better job. The city h a s become very dangerous. There are lots of churches but nothing for young people to do.Needs to be something other than y young teen in the streets. I been here my whole life more for young mothers. No drugs. Positive atmosphere for parents to bring there kids into. More fathers involved into there sons lives . The city need to work on unity. We grow stronger together. We truly should become helpers one to another building teams of positive growth.
I love Beaumont because my family is here. At the same time finding a job is extremely difficult which puts a lot of stress and strain on a family.
Beaumont is a small city. It would be great if it had more opportunities and jobs we are very limited out here. The people are not friendly, some are very rude. It has great rivers and lakes to go fishing and enjoy family time together. We have one mall. Approximately 2 or 3 movie theatres and theme parks. It's a slower pace society good country living if you are into riding horses and quiet environments.
Beaumont is a good place to live and work. I do not live here but I have been working here over 18 years. You have your good and bad areas in every city but it is what you make of it. They changing stores and different communities for the better. My mom's family is from Beaumont so I have been coming here all of my life.
I would really like to see more jobs and more entertainment for kids to participate in. Also i would like for all the violence to stop.
I'm currently a college student at Lamar and almost nothing caters to the students or young 20 somthings. There really isn't a nightlife here or cheap fun day activities for young adults. Everything revolves around the gas field here. Its pretty boring here. Beaumont is diverse but there is obvious racial tensions and divides. Over all Beaumont is sleep and boring. Okay to raise a family or retire. Not much else.
I'm here for school and we'll see how it goes. So far I have heard of a lot of violence as of late and there are a lot of "slum" areas. However everyone is really kind and it seems like there is a lot of upside in terms of Realestate and small business
Would like to see more jobs and decrease impn violence. Also many streets are horrible and too much construction.
Beaumont is one of the smaller cities in Texas. I have seen it go from being 110,000 population to over 350,000 people in a matter of a few years. The restaurant business is really booming out here. They say people in Texas love to eat well Beaumont has no shortage of places to eat. It seems like every where you look, there are new places to eat. There is no doubt that Beaumont is still growing because everywhere you look there is new construction going up all over town. The refinery business is booming as well. It's a great place to raise a family and a great place to live.
I grew up in Beaumont and had a great experience! Since that time, I moved away and have moved back to the area. In that time, the schools have struggled to find reliable administrators and crime has increased some. It would be wonderful to see this city of diversity return to its former glory!
I feel the opportunity for students to participate in many different types of sports is pretty good in Beaumont Texas. I also feel that the school district is in desperate need of a facelift. It needs honest leadership and a much improved checks and balance system within the school district. The shopping is very good in Beaumont Texas many different types of stores in which to choose as is the restaurant selection. The local University is very expensive however but it is a very good University Lamar University has many different majors in which students may choose.
Beaumont is a homely place to live in. There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy and a mall and two movie theaters for entertainment. There is a wide variety of schools to choose from for your kids and the overall atmosphere is lively.
Besides attending Lamar University, Beaumont, Tx is one of the worst place to live and raise your children. Once I receive my bachelors degree my family and I will be relocating immediately.
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I am overall pleased with where I live. It's home for me. I wish that there where more things to do with kids on Sundays.
Its alright since I have to go to school here but honestly there is nothing to do here. It is also really hard to find affordable housing. Explain why I am paying 600 dollars for a studio.
Beaumont is a very poverty stricken area. I would love to see the public more involved with bettering the community for our future youth.
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