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Its alright since I have to go to school here but honestly there is nothing to do here. It is also really hard to find affordable housing. Explain why I am paying 600 dollars for a studio.
Beaumont is a very poverty stricken area. I would love to see the public more involved with bettering the community for our future youth.
Beaumont is a small community. It can use improvements and as now now, it is in progress. It is the home of Lamar University which is a wonderful Engineering and Nursing school.
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Beaumont is the best of small town living and big city living combined. Beaumont and the surrounding area have been my home since birth and I can't imagine living anywhere else.
This small town has its simple charms, after living here all my life I can say that I enjoy life much more away, and appreciate the city every time I come back.
There are all kinds of activities that you and your family can do in Beaumont. There is always something to do. You have two different movie theaters where you can go out with friends, on a date with your significant other, or just have a family night out. You also have the Parkdale Mall if you feel up to a little shopping at the different shops. If those still don’t tickle your fancy, you have activities that you are your family or friends would be interested in. You can go bowling which is fun for everyone, if you wish to drive a little ways you can go play putt putt, there is a small little park area where you can put in a boat and or go swimming. If those don’t interest you Beaumont has a variety of different restaurants that you are guaranteed to like.
Too much crime and traffic; horrible schools. There needs to be more options for families in the area.
This city is great because it has a college in it. It is a smaller city and a lot of people who live here know each other. I love that about Beaumont because you see a friendly face everywhere you go. However, Beaumont is not the healthiest city because there are a lot of refineries around here. The refineries are not all bad though, they create a lot of job opportunities in this area.
Most people see Beaumont as a low-quality city; however, my experience has been anything but that. Although we have a lack of things to do, this city is full of good people, job opportunities, and many opportunities for education.
I think Beaumont is a good place to live There are so many opportunities for you here to thrive. As you are aware, the school system has been under construction for overall improvement. The jobs opportunities are great due to the refinances oil, gas, and chemicals. The food is diverse. We are located right on the Gulf of Mexico. You are close to the beaches for a beach escape. We offer the Texas State Fair on a small town level but in a spirit of excellence .
Beaumont, Texas is a small city with big traditions and attractions; from the city origin in Spindletop museum to Crockett street nightlife activities.
The roads are terrible. The schools are terrible. The crime rate is high. There are few nice areas. There are not many options for entertainment. There are a few good places to eat though.
Beaumont is a great city that is growing rapidly. I love it, although the road construction can be a little overwhelming.
I like the potential Beaumont has to expand and grow economically. I would like to see the crime rate go down.
I enjoyed growing up in a smaller city, but I would like for Beaumont to provide more opportunities for the youth to develop into successful adults.
I've lived in Beaumont my whole life and it's a place I'll always call home. There isn't really any outstanding features about Beaumont, Texas , but it's a great place to live if you enjoy family involvement. Public schools aren't of as high of quality as most would hope to believe but you still get the education required to get to a higher level. One good quality of Beaumont is the ever ending supply of job opportunities for student who need jobs part time.Beaumont, Texas has some amazing qualities about it that you'll never forget but I wouldn't say its somewhere you would want to live for a lifetime.
The city of Beaumont is a great place for young adults starting their journey into college or just beginning a life of their own. Beaumont is located just an hour away from the gorgeous city of Houston, which means taking a trip to the big city is not a problem. Its home to Lamar University and also a couple of other community colleges for higher education purposes. Many new homes and apartment complexes are being built everyday making Beaumont a great place to settle down. Nightlife is amazing! Your welcome to enjoy the many bars, clubs and hubs in downtown Beaumont. If your not up for the crazy night life Beaumont also offers two theaters Hollywood and Tinseltown. The city consists of a mall, a variety of gyms, pool halls and many other activities that one can participate in to enjoy the great city of Beaumont.
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Beaumont is located on the south eastern part of Texas near the Louisiana border. The city is surrounded by green farm areas, oil refineries, paper mills, rice factories, and a port, Port Author. Lamar University is the highlight of the town. Their programs are well known nationwide. The town offers a variety of local and commercial businesses and restaurants. The demographic is mixed of lower socioeconomic individuals in less taken care of neighborhoods and some higher-wealthy neighborhoods as well. Overall the people are friendly. There isn't much of a nightlife, spare a few bars, but Houston is about an hour and a half away which offers much more. The biggest thing that could change about the town is how it smells. Often there is an awful odor in the air.
It's a place to retire not to start a life. It's old and out dated and there is not many career opportunities.
This town is pretty big with many opportunities. Although finding a job is easy, the traffic is pretty bad.
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