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This area is a small vacation area surrounded by beaches. There is not really anything to do but there is things to see. The area is very historical and many tourists come here to enjoy the waters and the history. I personally would not choose to live here. The area is more like a retirement area there really is not anything to do but relax and to enjoy the sights. There is also sometimes problems with racism. I do feel that there are much more things to do in other places. I would not recommend this place for younger people or for people with children because there is not much for them to do.
There are several festivals in Beaufort that attract many visitors from out of town.
Police officers look out for suspicious activity and the crimes are not too major.
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The Fire and police departments dispatch very quickly and are always ready and on call.
The houses in my area are all well kept and up to date. However there are two houses on my street that have been on the sellers market for 3 years.
The winters are sometimes cold and can bring snow and the summers are very hot and perfect for going to the beach. When it rains it can for several days or just rain for a moment.
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