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Small town with plenty of unique restaurants and scenic waterfront views. Lately the inland portions have been steadily developing.
Hilton Head is a great area!
Virtually no mentioning of violent crime in the area. Probably because of large military community, crime seems to be minimal.
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Just enough (businesses, restaurants, stores, schools, work) to have a comfortable way of life, but sometimes missing the variety of a city. Travel time to the next bigger city is 1+ hr.
There isn't too much to experience here
We have our tourist seasons.
The weather is always nice.
We don't have places that are open past 10. We do have okay bars though.
Brick's on Boundary is a very nice place to go hang out and eat. The staff is amazing and are very friendly. In Beaufort Publixs is a main grocery store and it is very nice. I feel like we need more steak houses here in Beaufort. The stores range from all over. We have Athen Gardens with his a mom and pop store that sells really good Greek food and is ranked high on Trip Advisor.
The really highly congested area is downtown, have to pay parking fees and there are many times when there is not enough parking
People are generally nice however there are social & political favoritisms
The winters are mild compared and the spring and fall weather is wonderful. however the summers can be very hot and humid
special seafood restaurants are great, however there is very little types of nightlife options here
Employment in a wide area however, the pay is low here in this area
The local businesses are ok but sometimes you cannot find what your looking for and have to travel to get that specific thing.
You need to know people
Not much going on here
Review Beaufort
Beaufort, South Carolina is a very beautiful place to live. It is a small town that everyone is so nice and welcoming. You can always count on someone to help you and be there if you need anything anywhere you go. This is a place that people tend to live in for years and even retire here. It is a military town so there is so much respect for our country and troops. Pets and families are very important to everyone in the area. There are many places where families and pets can hangout and enjoy a nice sunny day on the river. There are many local events such as the Water Festival, Night on the Town, and many other events that brings the community close together. This is a great town to live in and I wouldn't want to have been raised any other place.
they are not all great, but a majority of them are pretty good.
There are a lot of people around here who like to take care of their bodies and work out very often. I do not work out as much as i should but i try to as much as i can. There are a hella of fat people around here, but there are also a lot of fit people. Hella fat black people, hella buff black people. Hella fat white people, hella buff white people.. ya know
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