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Beatrice is a great town! I was born and raised here. I have known most of my friends since pre school. It is the kind of town where no matter where you go, you find someone you know or someone who knows you.
I wish Beatrice had a few more things for teenagers to do. We don't really have much. We usually have to drive an hour to find really fun things to do.
But as a whole I would say Beatrice is great and am very glad to be from here.
The police do well at their job and are connected with the community
While the town isn't my choice of living- I have to say I am proud to say I'm from here and could see the interest families have in this area
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Low crime, but has drug problems in certain places.
It is a good place to work and raise a family.
Weather here is Nebraska weather. It's very cold in the Winter and can get very hot in the Summer. There is no happy medium except during the spring and fall. We recently were deemed a disaster area due to some severe storms that hit about a week ago. The city has been working hard picking up debris from the severe storms. The most essential items in my wardrobe are a heavy winter coat and gloves for winter, a light jacket for fall, and shorts for summer.
We have the Homestead National Monument outside of Beatrice and a small museum in Beatrice. Those are the only two things I know of that people see.
We have a couple fitness facilities in Beatrice. I do not go to the facilities and work out but I do have two very small children who keep me on the go with walks, swimming, and playing kick ball. My activities I do with them is my physical fitness.
Beatrice does not have a lot of job opportunities. I know of a lot of people that drive to Lincoln, NE everyday for work because they could not find a job with their degree. A lot of people work as care givers in Beatrice whether that be with the developmentally disabled or elders.
Reaction time of police and fire calls are usually pretty fast. Once again Beatrice is not a very large community so it does not take long to get from one side of town to the other. I have no comments about local laws or governors.
People are very friendly around Beatrice. With the population being around 13,000 I'd say there are mainly white people living in Beatrice, but it grows in diversity all the time as there are more African American, Asian, and Mexican people living here than there was 5 years ago.
The community of Beatrice is very friendly. A lot of the times when I am on a walk with my children people I don't know wave as they pass by in their cars, or say hello as they pass by walking.
Beatrice has a lot of chain stores such as Walmart and Shopko. A lot of the private owned businesses just don't stay open very long in this town.
The Homestead National Monument is outside of Beatrice and it is a very great park full of information. The lakes around Beatrice however are dirty. Every year it seems Rockford lake has blue algae and cannot be swam in. I however, even if blue algae was not present, would never let my children swim in any of the lakes around Beatrice.
There are not a lot of things to do and see in Beatrice. I have lived in another town in Nebraska that was much larger then Beatrice and it had an abundance of things to do and see. Beatrice however is small and in small towns there really aren't going to be many things to do or see, it comes with the territory. I choose to be here because of my family and I feel a smaller community is better to raise my children in.
Beatrice has always been a pretty safe town with minimal criminal activity. Every once in awhile there will be some car vandalism or theft. For the most part we have not had a lot of serious crimes such as murder or kidnapping. I do believe that drugs are a growing problem for this community though. When people are on drugs it is inevitable that there will be more criminal activity going on.
Beatrice does not have a lot of options as far as "sit down " restaurants. We have a lot of chain restaurants such as Runza, Dairy Queen, McDonalds, and etc. They have recently opened up an Italian restaurant, but the portions are very small and the price is high. The sauce is always watered down and full of grease. They also just opened a new Mexican restaurant which has had good reviews so far.
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It is a small community, we do not have city buses or turnpikes. They have recently redone the sidewalks in our city making it a lot easier for walking and bike riding. Due to Beatrice being a small city, we do not have high traffic congestion. One of the things I absolutely love about Beatrice is that you can get to any part of town within 10-15 minutes at the very most.
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