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What I like about Beardstown is the diversity. The town has an elementary school, a high school, and a community college. The cost of living is low and worth it. There are many public parks where various events take place throughout the year, which includes Fourth of July, Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and the Fall Fun Festival. This town is very safe and quiet. During the night people can safely walk through the streets with the streetlights turned on. There are many trees planted throughout the town, which makes it environmental friendly and healthy living for the citizens. The town is small, but big enough for job opportunities. JBS, one of the biggest meat-packing plants is located here. The Lincoln Courthouse is one of the biggest tourist attractions in town. Overall, my rating of this town is five star.
Beardstown is a great oppotunity to develop your abilities and straights. Been an imigrant is a hard work, but beardstown town provide so many ways and is big in diversity. It have great opportunities, example the school gives so many developments for your goof and future.
The houses are fair. not to bad or too fancy. Also the cost is average.
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There have been a lot of people from Africa arriving, but most people have lived here their entire life.
Not a lot of crime happens here.
It is small town which can be great but also bad. You don't have as many stores available to you, so you would have to travel to the next town or city. But other than that its a small community where almost everyone knows each other and interact on a daily basis.
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