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The police are definitely visible but there is some debate over their necessity. Crime is not high in this area and the cops have been known to give tickets for going slightly over the speed limit or waiting to bust drunk drivers outside of the local country club. But, working at the country club for many years, it was a luxury to have them at close call if an unruly situation did arise.
I love this place. Lots to do if you are active and adventurous. It's a small town so a lot of businesses close early during the week and even on the weekends. There are not very many work opportunities for twenty-somethings like myself but if you can get into one of the local industries, and are looking for a nice place to raise your children or retire. It is easily one of the most beautiful places in Kern County.
The area that I live in is a little above average atmosphere than other parts of the city I live in. Good place to raise a family, but limited on the quality of jobs.
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the weather is actually really nice but were in a drought right now
there is literally nothing to do or anything good to eat here
there are very few employment opportunities and jobs
there is nothing to do and the people are too conservative
the police are pretty good. but the other public services aren't that great
The businesses here are almost all the same and provide very little variety
There is very little crime in this town.
People are seen working out often.
We get all four seasons!
There is a plethora of places to grab food.
Lots of adults are taking the jobs that would usually be taken by teens.
The stores in Tehachapi are owned by friendly people, mostly family owned. Love shopping in the local stores.
You can find a little of e everything if you tried
You cant get much safer than here.
Review Bear Valley Springs
Lots of fast food and lame jobs with lots of turn over.
It is very mountain like. Lots of nature.
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