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I love the diversity and family atmosphere in my neighborhood. We live off of porter road and love how you almost feel like you are in another part of the state because of how quiet it is.
Typical suburban neighborhood. Many schools, youth sports leagues, strip malls and cookie/cutter houses—all of this is “home” to me.
Small town and everything is a drive away. People are nice and the area is very diverse. There is a good combination of suburb and nature that make it a nice place to live.
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It's a nice place to live. But there isn't many things for the younger community to do with their friends. Also the commute to the nicer and better private school is a hassle because we have to on to 95 everyday. The traffic depending on if you have a sport after school or not makes the time to get home around 45-60 minutes at the worst.
Bear is an affordable city that is growing every year. I've lived here for the last ten years and can confirm it is a safe area.
I have lived here for two years and I cannot complain. I love the people and how quiet it is. There a lot of shops, and always close to a major highway
Bear, Delaware was and still is a great place to grow up. The atmosphere is very safe and truly feels like home. There's not anything particularly wrong with Bear. It is a very diverse area, you can be in the lower class to the higher class in a 30-second drive. It is definitely something to get used to.
I love how close everything is. It is not a far drive to get to whatever you need. I wish it looked a little better. my neighborhood specifically could be cleaned up but all the others along with roads and shopping centers look very appealing.
Bear Deleware is a busy suburb of deleware. It is in the perfect location as you can easily drive to beaches, colleges, bordering states, and shopping. It is safe for the most part and his some diversity. It is a very condensed area with a lot of roads and neighborhoods. I would like to see some improvement in safety measures at night and the roads.
It has been almost 2 years since I have recently moved to Bear, Delaware from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. So far, I enjoy my time here. There are many stores nearby because it is centralized within a downtown area. In Bear, it is a very diverse area to visit. I live in a townhomw and around the community, we have nightshift watchers to make sure there is safety. The public elementary school nearby has a very big environment for the children for recess and the police are out making sure there are no dangerous people out driving. It is a safe environment to live with convenient nearby has stations and stores at a 5 to 10 mile radius.
I like Bear because it is full of a diverse amount of people and the neighborhoods are also diverse. The area is not too expensive, but there are high-quality places to live in Bear. There are some places that are not as safe as the area where I live in and there is not a lot to do in Bear. Nothing is really within walking distance and you need a car or some form of transportation to get around Bear. Most good schools for the Bear area are in a different area.
Bear, Delaware is a very simple town in around Delaware County with nothing much to do besides going to the grocery store, take a nice stroll at the park, or shop at the Christiana Mall. But, it is not far from other places that contain more life and entertainment like Wilmington or Elkton Maryland. However, if one prefers to live in a quiet, safe area then Bear is the place for them.
I love bear. The location is so convenient. It’s safe and hasn’t a lot of family friendly things to do in the area.
I like it here. It is very close to many things but not so busy and tight like Wilmington. I do think the prices are a bit higher than Middletown, but rightfully so. I know there is much more around here.
It's a relatively busy area but remains quiet when it comes to noise, crime, and heavy traffic. It's nearby local attractions such as Lum's Pond, Christiana Mall, Glasgow Park, and historical towns such as New Castle and Delaware City. The town consists mostly of residential and retail buildings. It also is not very far from Philadelphia or Baltimore.
There are really nice houses in Bear and there are a lot of shopping areas. There are major roads in the area which contribute to an easy commute.
Bear, Delaware is a nice small area. There are many family friendly stores, centers, and parks. There is not a major litter problem or high crime here, and most people will not bother you, unless of course they are trying to help you.
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A community where alot of mixed culture. A affluent and well educated community can be together. Education and schools are highly accredited. Bear has a very low crime area. A very friendly place for kids.. Public parks are very well maintained. We have a State Trooper Battalion within the city limits. It's close proximity to Maryland.
Bear is an area that generally offers nice homes and good neighbors. There is access to anything you could because of the convenient location. Bear may not have everything for which one is looking, but it offers unparalleled convenience to helping you get there.
I moved to Bear, DE about 19 years ago and love it here. The neighborhood that I live in is family-friendly with a community pool and a few playgrounds for the children. I would consider it a safe area as I have never experienced any crime or vandalism within the local neighborhoods.
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