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I love Bealeton! It is such a quite and calm city where you can feel as though you are out in the country, yet only a fifteen minute drive from Walmart!
I like how Bealeton is a really quiet place and not much happens around here. It is a safe and friendly little town. I wish to see more stores or place where people could go for entertainment. I'd also like if they add more restaurants.
The community is very nice and happy. One of the big events that occur there are Friday night football games at Liberty High School. That is where a lot of our community joins in to watch the game and just have fun.
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I have never had a police issue.
The area is being built up with new houses, stores and restaurants.
The crime rate in this area is not too bad, every know and then we have minor outbreaks such as robbery. The safety is good the police respond quick.
I absolutely love my city and my neighborhood. Everyone is so nice and respectful to one another. The scenery is beautiful and definitely a good get away place.
Police do their jobs great and make sure people are safe.
People are friendly and you don't really have to worry about things because we watch out for each other.
This area is fine but nothing special. I would not choose to live here.
It's a good place to live, but there isn't much to do for teenagers/young adults.
Its a very quiet place and its nice. However, everything is so far from here and there isn't much to do
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