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The police in this small town are very responsive to the little crime we have. Most of our crime consists of running red lights and coasting through a stop sign. Beacon Falls has their crime completely under control and the chances of crime are extremely low.
I love living in a small town and being part of a tight-knit community with childhood friends and families that I have shared memories with over the past 18 years of my life. I wouldn't trade living in Beacon Falls for the world. If I could do it all over, I'd pick the same house and the same neighborhood friends I grew up with. I have enjoyed living in a small town and hope that in my future I could start my own family in Beacon Falls, and if not, it a town very similar.
It's a small town and a small community. Every one knows each other. I would not choose t live here because there is nothing to do. Taxes are increasing so this area is very expensive for new home buyers. It is mainly adults who have children and elderly people.
High taxes kept businesses away
Advertising helps people get involved
Average food and drinks. Not a lot of variety. Not a lot of diverse food options.
I would chose anywhere else to live. This area is quite boring.
The community is not very involved. There are not a lot of events in this area.
There is not a lot of crime in my area.
There is not a lot of variety of shops or restaurants.
There is a lot of diversity however people are not happy or friendly.
Reaction time of police is average although sometimes they do not even show up in some cases.
There are not a lot of available transportation modes. Transportation is only provided in big cities.
The nature scene in Connecticut is nothing above average but its simplicity and natural beauty give it a rate of 3 out of 5. The beaches are not overcrowded and the sand, although not picture-pierfectly white, and the water, although not crystal blue, are not polluted. There are many parks and forrests in CT. Some outdoor activities include hiking, mountain bike riding, amusement parks, or boating.
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