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Beacon is a great area to grow up in. The schools is great and the city has so much to offer. It is up and coming. New improvements and businesses are added every year.
My experience living in Beacon and growing up here has been a great one. I went to school here and i have felt extremely safe throughout the years. The community is fair and i feel safe when i walk down the street. The cost of living is a little high but worth the price of living in this town. The diversity goes far and wide and i wouldn't change it for the world at the moment. Education here is a great way of support and learning.
I love that my town is a small artist town, it's up in coming. The locals are very pleasant. The dinning experience at The Roundhouse is beyond with a great scenic location to view the man-made waterfall.
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Beacon is an average place now. Many years ago it was bad place to leave with high crime. Now it has experienced a rebirth but in the wake of this rebirth comes more people than the infrastructure can handle.
Beacon is a fantastic historical town with an artsy side. There is an art museum and many art shops in town. Beacon is also ideal for people who enjoy being outdoors. There are parks and hiking trails right in Beacon and withing driving distance. Beacon also has a train station that offers access and commuting potential to New York City. I have noticed that Beacon is growing and becoming a more viable option for those who commute to NYC for work, but I would like to keep Beacon a quite place where people can enjoy nature, art, and a good cup of coffee!
nice choice of restaurants, cool thrift and antique shops. The new museum is very interesting and there is a great river front.
Beacon is a family friendly town. It is quiet, clean and very family orientated. In the recent years, the town has become very artsy and many vintage shops and cafes have emerged on Main street. I would like to see the nightlife in Beacon increase because after a certain hour the entire town is closed.
Beacon, New York is about one and a half hour north of New York City. It is a great place for a weekend getaway. The main street is fill with restaurants and beautiful shops , where one can find lovely gifts, from art to antiques and more. There is a theater built in the 1930's that offers productions throughout the year and in the summer one can enjoy a variety of activities at the water front.
Beacon is often referred to as "Brooklyn North" - It is full of art galleries, fun places to eat and local shops.
I personally love Beacon. I moved here when I was 6 and I am now 17. All the schools were very good. The teachers were all very into their jobs and did everything they could to help their students. The town itself if very nice as well. We all come together and help each other and keep each other safe. Because it is a smaller city, a lot of people know each other or have family who live here as well, so it makes it seem like we are all connected somehow. One thing I would change would be more spirit in our schools. The schools have bits and pieces of good spirit but as a whole there is not a lot of school spirit running through the halls of our school.
Cost of housing is outrageous. Expensive.
people are being forced out and the community is changing not in a positive cost effective manner.
NYC people moving up here and the cost of living is rising. It getting expensive to be a resident here. Renting or owning a home due to taxes.
Do I feel safe? Yes! Do you need to be smart at times? Yes! For the most part, Beacon is safe. There are areas to avoid and you do read about burglaries, vandalism and minor assaults in the police blotter.
I was born and raised in the area and moved away to attended College. Life, jobs , family and starting a family brought us back. When we first moved back in 2002 there where great hopes that in the future would be bright for Beacon and watched our property value tumble. After a slow and steady start, our city has undergone a huge revitalization and is the place to live along the Hudson River. We benefit form beautiful hiking trails, the majestic hudson river, a thriving main street and environmentally aware citizens. The fact that fining a parking spot on main street is challenging at times is a good problem to have.
Most beautiful rural town I have ever seen. Lots of natural beauty, geographic locations, rivers, streams, mountains, fields, and more! I never want to leave.
I have volunteered for the local Ambulance Corps myself and have seen fast reaction times for firefighters and policemen.
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Definitely an affordable, beautiful, quiet area that is great for raising families and living peacefully.
There is some crime, but lots of security, cameras, and good people in our area that keep watch and report suspicious activity.
My location has never been negatively affected by weather besides rare flooding, blizzards and sometimes power outages every 3 or so years.
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