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I feel as if the town itself is nice, but not as nice as it used to be. I would like to see the beach become cleaner and the water safer.
Beachwood is a great family oriented place. I grew up around here and enjoyed the activities for the kids, close schools and events.
I recently moved to Beachwood from South Toms River, a neighboring town. Beachwood is so beautiful, my family and I take walks near the water every night. I feel much safer in Beachwood.
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There are mostly well kept homes and a few untamed yards.
It is very pet friendly with many animals around the neighborhood.
There is not much visibility of crimes, but the police do a good job taking care of problems when they come up.
It is a safe atmosphere and I would probably live here again in the future.
The town itself is small and residential consisting of middle class citizens. However, because of it's location there is easy acess to a variety of activities that make the Jersey shore so popular.
I have lived here my entire life. Beachwood is your average residential town in this area.
All four seasons is great, but the summer takes its time coming around.
Food at a few local restaurants/ bars is good. Not good for a night out
A few little stores hire teenagers- Rite Aid, Sundaes, and even Java Joe's.
The Stone Fire Grill is a great local restaurant! They have the best wings and many other delicious food choices!
There is very seldom crime and when you hear of something, it is a hit and run of a minor accident
A good amount of people figure that it is like any typical beach town so they overlook the abandoned houses
Most of us keep to ourselves. You talk to the people who are in the houses right next to you and that's about it unless you have kids and help with school activities
You have your snow storms and thunderstorms, but they're actually kind of nice to fall asleep to
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There are three restaurants in town and they all close by midnight. There is no night life
Any of the businesses that are actually hiring will only hire you if you are a family member or know a family member. All of the businesses that are in town are family owned and operated.
There aren't really many businesses around. There is one store front that changes stores all the time so I guess that's sort of interesting
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