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The community is something you can not get anywhere else. Everyone cares for each other and everything is really close to Beachwood.
I love it here. The neighbors are so great. It is a small town and everyone knows everyone. We are a great community. The safety here is great. Its a nice lovely town.
Safe nice area. Lots to do including two malls in walking distance, and another two only a ten minute drive away. Houses are nice and the yards are well maintained. Everyone is very neighborly.
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Beachwood is a great place with great people, but the weather is absolutely AWFUL. The thunder and snow storms are so harsh, and don’t even get me started on the humidity and the cold. I checked the grade for the weather, and quite frankly, I and plenty of others think it should be an F. Alas, the weather does not define Beachwood THAT much, the education is fantastic, and so are the people. We could do better on the traffic, it’s horrendous during Christmas time.
Only thing I liked about Beachwood was playing football for Coach creel. Other than that Beachwood wasn't fun for me there is nothing to do in the community
Beachwood is an amazing community to grow up in... it's safe, there's a lot of diversity, and it's close by to Cleveland so you always have access to the city.
Terrific public schools, city services, Police & Fire Departments. Home values have recovered & surpassed the 2008 crash. Very diverse residents and inclusive community. Love it in Beachwood!
BW is very small, thus it is a close-knit community. It is also very safe and a nice place overall. The schools are excellent, a great to raise kids.
Very safe and diverse community. The people are very kind here, and everything is reachable, Mall, restaurants, and other stores for your needs.
Excellent schools and services. I love the low taxes. The value of my home stays pretty high. A lot of new homes evolving around my city. The parks are great. The roads are kept up and the police and fire have great response times when needed.
Beachwood is an excellent city for families, singles, and professionals. It is clean, safe, and diverse. There is much to do; including shopping, dining, networking, parks, and fitness.
The streets are always clean, the police are always patrolling. It is such a safe, happy, and welcoming city to live in! I will not live anywhere else.
Beachwood is a very culturally diverse and multi-ethnic community, even while being predominantly Jewish. Places like the Beachwood Mall, La Place, West & East Parks, etc etc add to the ultimate suburban lifestyle.
Very friendly in this city for the most part. Our street neighbors have been welcoming since we first moved here. They never excluded us.
I have worked in Beachwood for 5 years but have always lived close to the area. I think it's a great area with a wide variety of restaurants and shopping. I would like to see more healthy food options though (smoothies, juices, etc.).
Love the area, in the heart of the city. The finest restaurants, shopping, daily necessities and even a couple nice hotels. There is Acacia Park nearby so it is kind of green, yet the highway is close. Housing is updated and nice, but a little pricey.
I moved from from Los Angeles to Cleveland at the age of six. My only memory of moving is hugging our cute house goodbye. Los Angeles was much "cooler" than Cleveland in the eyes of an eight-year-old. My mom knew she was sick and wanted me to grow up in a smaller community. When she passed away the community got together and planted a tree in memory of my mom.
When it was time to go to college I wanted to leave Ohio and went to the University of Arizona. I loved the idea of starting fresh and being away from the cold Cleveland weather.
Now that I am about to turn 24 I look back on my childhood and smile. It is hard to appreciate decisions parents make as a child. I was upset about growing up in Cleveland but now that I am old enough to understand why my mom decided to move I feel grateful.
Cleveland is a place filled with caring and supportive people that are there to help others in need. The only thing I would change about Cleveland is the bitter, cold winters!
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Great place to live. School is top notch for those that can excel. Neighborhood is close to all major highways.
police are visible everywhere

quick response
great location close to everything

great schools

friendly community
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