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The village of Beach Park has good neighborhood, good school, good environment, and a very safe place to live in. I would say that the village of Beach Park has a good amount of everthing, in terms of school, stores, public activities (sports, events, and etc). I would suggest a public tranportation like pace bus would be nice to have for residents that do not have their own vehicle to use.
It's a quaint quit area, great for a family to settle down. But not for a single Batchelor in their prime.
Super small population, family friendly, and quite. Nice place to live and raise a family. Neighborhood feels safe and is still close to waukegan. gurnee and zion. Only about 45 min from Chicago and 30 min from Wisconsin. There is plenty to do and see in beach park.
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The are is a very well kept place. Everyone minds their own business unless a serious emergency. They are all nice people, they are always saying hello to everybody that lives in the street.
Very nice and peaceful town, small enough to be close to surrounding towns and use of their businesses.
I like it here because the school is very nice compared to other school districts
You can find a job around here but it will be hard.
This area is okay with this kind of stuff.
Businesses here are good but they aren't exceptional or anything that I would really want someone to go to.
The shops in my area are very small. Most of the businesses include; used car dealerships, bars, small clothes stores, and hotels or motels owned by the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The Cancer Center holds up the rest of the Community as the only large source of revenue for the community.
many peopele have health club memberships, some walk pets, others walk/run daily
our communities have all different backgrounds , religions and mst are friendly. I distance myself from anyone who is unpleasant.
I am currently unemployed. I am looking for a job as a teachers assistant for the last two years. I am not getting the opportunity to work in a field I am professional at and really enjoy working with children and their educational needs.
this areas variety of restaurants is a great mixture. We have golf courses that invite the public in, and what ever you may have a taste for is available within a short distance from home. Chain restaurants like Apple Bees and culvers help the schools in our area by hosting fund raisers. You would be able to find any food you had a taste for at a good reasonable price.
it depends on which part of the city you are in. I am very happy with the things I have seen. many homes were abandoned when housing market crashed, but I believe the were cleaned up and sold in a timely manner.cable cost are too high in my opinion.
The city of waukegan and surrounding areas have beautified their cities . We have a beautiful lakefronts with local marinas, hotels and restaurants and many shopping malls, with high quality stores, Gurnee Mills, Sixflags , keylime cove waterpark /hotel. The waukegan municiple band which plays every Tuesday evening. and many festivals and events. Nostalgia days, Harbors days, rib fests, and carnivals . The summer in this area can be a busy place if you want to enjoy it all.
The variety of any of the above stores and shops are avalible. I believe the prices of any service is jumped way too much. For example at target a pair of sandles or shoes that you would pay $3-$5 for a few years ago are now going for $20. Milk is almost $4 a gallon, gas is the same, I can not go shopping for a couple weeks worth of thing for under !

$100. Also some managers of business just do not give the assistance to the customer that I believe should be.
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I hear of certain crimes or concerning issues in our community, My younger son has told me very concerning situations , that i was not aware of. I keep my eyes open and will report any crime I witness
The City of Waukegan has is a great place to live, I live in an area surrounded by Beach Park Il. I have many opportunities to enjoys events in all of the surrounding area.The changes and improvements to downtown Waukegan in the years I have lived here have been wonderful. I do wish the city would lower property taxes according to the home values and also repair our residential streets instead of just patching them. Over all, Waukegan is a great place to raise a family.
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