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My neighborhood is tucked away and never really sees anything crazy going on. The only issue lately are some shootings on the freeway at night. But police are vigilant and on guard all the time.
I loved living here. It's unique and full of so many different people and cultures. We are truly spoiled with the small town vibe within a reasonable drive to San Francisco. There is a lot of growth and expansion which is driving up the values of homes and businesses.
It's average. There are few big companies. Everything is generally in close range if one takes the bus.
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There are few jobs to apply for. Many are for positions in small shops or grocery stores. There are no large positions that are offered and really, there are few companies to offer them. Having a high paying salary in this area would somewhat require one to start their own business and make a fortune off of that.

Also, I'll just note now that all of these questions reference the San Pablo / greater Richmond area (rather than all of the East Bay).
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