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I've lived in Baytown since I was 5. Overall, there are some really great neighborhoods that are perfect for raising a family. I also found the school system to provide a high quality of education. The only downside is Garth Road is too congested with traffic, the mall needs to be rebuilt and there is not a lot of entertainment venues. But overall, I have had a great experience living here!
The city of Baytown is a growing city, with lots of opportunities. If you are looking for a wonderful town to raise a large family this is the place to do it. There are many available jobs in the chemical processing field. All in all if you're looking for a place to relocate this is perfect for you!
Baytown was a small town just a few years ago. It has seen a massive market up rise. major town-centers have been built. it is very nice to see it grow the way it has been. Now you don't have to drive to Houston to visit nice restaurants and grocery stores.
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Great community great town to help you in anything you like .It's growing more we getting more stores and expanding more, and we have a waterpark .We need to work on having a big mall so that we won't travel for far.
Dilapidated and ghetto. It is not an easy place to live with high criminal activity and requires maintenance on I infrastructure.
Very nice up and coming, development is at a fast pace. Baytown has great job opportunities in just about every industry. Chemical plants are always looking for good people.
Great place to grow up an start a family. Variety of places to see and enjoy. Low unemployment rate with great competitive salaries for everyone.
I like that Baytown is very diverse in its athletics and students. By that I mean a diversity in wealth, race and mindsets. Everyone is unique and I am glad to have attended Ross S. Sterling. I think that the attitude of people should change. A lot of students and people just have the care free attitude and that should not be how they think. I see a lot of potential in people, but that is the only thing other then the chemical air from the plants.
I love the growth the area has experienced! However with growth comes traffic, that is the only downfall!
I was born and raised and still live in Baytown. Baytown is a small city but constantly growing. New attractions are being build every year and the excitement doesn't stop. There are conveniences not far from anywhere you live. The school systems are great and so is the college. Baytown gives lot of opportunity to those living there as well as the surrounding areas.
I like how we have a variety of stores and places to eat. One thing I don't like is how they add new things onto to the same street (Garth Rd). Also, our mall needs to be updated.
Baytown is growing community continues to expands is size and bussiness. There many stores that are good distance from home. There plenty of job opportunities out there in baytown. The only bad it is the weather its says one thing it will be other and the bugs are horrible because baytown is surround by water.
I like Baytown because the people here have optimism. They have dreams and hopes and people are usually doing one of two things either happily working in the plants or just going to college and getting out of here. I like that people aren't just gloomy about where they live and feel "stuck" here.
I have been living in Baytown for about two years now. Most of the people here are friendly for the most part. I have experienced some encounters with racist citizens unfortunately. People here drive crazy which is also a downfall.It's a medium sized town so almost everybody knows each other. I feel that their should be more entertainment in the area , and the local mall also needs some work.
I chose to live in Baytown because it was convenient for my retired parents to help me with my small children. I have one child that has graduated from public school and is attending college. I have one pre-teen in middle school. Overall, Baytown is an okay place to live.
I like the customs and traditions of Baytown. I love our history and how safe and family friendly it is, but Baytown lacks diversity and since its a small little city it also lacks places of interest and things to do, so it gets a bit boring for youths.
It's a little annoying to have to review Niche each time I do a survey scholarship through them, but it is a helpful site.
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When I was growing up I loved living in Baytown, Texas. We had a mall that was pretty awesome. Now the mall is gone for the most part. The crime has gotten ridiculously high for the city. I do not remember very much crime growing up.
The layout of this city has caused my family endless stress. All of the main stores are located along one main room. The traffic is consistently backed up from all of the heavy traffic. It takes so long to get anywhere that it makes it not worth the effort to go out.
I have lived here my whole life. With every town there is positive and negative things. I enjoy our library and stores.
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