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I have lived in Baytown my entire life and I've never had serious issues with it. Some apartment rents are extremely high for an apartment, but the places itself, are really nice. I would like to see the San Jacinto Mall get expanded and upgraded, which I think is currently happening. The public schools are typical public schools and have wonderful organizations to be a part of and teachers to help guide any and every student.
I don't like too much of anything about Baytown. It's not a town for young people. If you like a fast pace and things to do it's not the place for you.
Baytown is a very nice and unique town, it is filled with all types of cultures and beliefs. Everyone typically respects one another, there is not much violence and there are many job opportunities for all ages. The city is usually clean, there are many service opportunities that go on throughout the year, which helps get everyone together for a good cause. Baytown is the place to live if you want a peaceful life, but have everything you need a few streets away.
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It's small but growing. You can find pretty much anything you need on Garth Road. Goose Creek ISD is a good school district and offers many opportunities to its students . Their is a Early College High School that is growing and expanding. Lee Community College is a good 2 year College to attend.
Extremely over crowded with most business located on one street. Lately there has been a rash of violent crimes in the area while police seem to be preoccupied with minor offenses and traffic stops. However there are some beautiful homes in the area that are well priced.
I've living here for more than 10 years and seen so much of this town. Its grown and changed so much. I want to see more change in this town.
I was born in California, but moved to Baytown, TX when I was 2 years old. I have lived here the majority of my life. The neighborhoods are great. Of course like any other town, you have those black sheep that ruin the good things in this town. Sometimes it's just better to disregard and keep moving. I have loved seeing how our town has expanded so much and our population has grown as well. Garth Road seems like you're driving in Houston. All businesses are the best and it's greatly recommended.
I was born and raised in Baytown. The schools are great, and there were plenty of opportunities to interact with the community.
Garth Road is very convenient. Has a lot of stores and restaurants and they're also renovating the San Jacinto mall. Very good branded hotels too.
Baytown is less than 30 minutes from downtown houston which makes it great for people who enjoying going to the city on the weekend for fun activities. Baytown also has a family fun farmer's market with local produce and goods to buy. There are new plans to renovate the San Jacinto Mall which is very exciting for the town. In the last year, we have gotten a new Kroger's and started constructing an HEB.
As of right now baytown is some what improving when it comes to things you can do for fun/hobby. I wouldn't put my children in any school in baytown (GCCISD) due to them not getting enough funds for education. If you do not like to go to the bar then there is no nightlife for you. When it comes to safety out of all of houston I would have to say baytown is the safest area but they do have their moments of crime. Most of the time when it comes to when people are traveling to baytown the residence will make you feel welcome here. Here is where its gets weird, so since baytown is surrounded with power plants, construction companies, and hospitals most apartments are in the range of $800 to $1500 but you can find a house from the range of $300 to $900. Baytown is now officially a mix culture city. New businesses is slowly but surely making its way to baytown
Not to many stores but is a quiet town.Baytown is a larger medium-sized coastal city (i.e. on the ocean, a bay, or inlet) located in the state of Texas. With a population of 76,335 people and 18 constituent neighborhoods, Baytown is the 46th largest community in Texas.
Lived here my whole life. Overall nice town and friendly people to live amongst. I have never tried to leave and don't plan to at any time. It's home
I like Baytown because I feel it is a nice place to raise a family. I wouldn't really change much because it's changing everyday by it's self.
I like the fact that Baytown is growing, however I don't like that it seems to only grow in the "newer" Baytown. It is obvious that Baytown has an older and newer part to it. It seems that the city has forgotten about the older part. I feel like they're only focused on adding more to the newer Baytown and it doesn't seem fair.

As for the crime in Baytown, it has definitely been on the rise lately . It seems Baytown is in the news more and more and not for good.

Besides those two issues, I actually do like Baytown. I like suburbs and Baytown is definitely that.
I've lived in Baytown since I was 5. Overall, there are some really great neighborhoods that are perfect for raising a family. I also found the school system to provide a high quality of education. The only downside is Garth Road is too congested with traffic, the mall needs to be rebuilt and there is not a lot of entertainment venues. But overall, I have had a great experience living here!
The city of Baytown is a growing city, with lots of opportunities. If you are looking for a wonderful town to raise a large family this is the place to do it. There are many available jobs in the chemical processing field. All in all if you're looking for a place to relocate this is perfect for you!
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Baytown was a small town just a few years ago. It has seen a massive market up rise. major town-centers have been built. it is very nice to see it grow the way it has been. Now you don't have to drive to Houston to visit nice restaurants and grocery stores.
Great community great town to help you in anything you like .It's growing more we getting more stores and expanding more, and we have a waterpark .We need to work on having a big mall so that we won't travel for far.
Dilapidated and ghetto. It is not an easy place to live with high criminal activity and requires maintenance on I infrastructure.
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