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The police are always around. They're always patrolling, always hanging out on corners, always making sure the neighborhood is safe. So few crimes happen here it's almost comical looking at the crimes that are reported in the area newspaper where there are counts of stolen chicken or of someone driving a little too fast.
There is a lot to do here, and a lot that's truly fantastic. There's a lot of ways to get involved and it's a very safe feeling place. Many things are within walking distance and just about everything is in biking distance. The education is amazing as well.
The summers are great. It is mostly sunny and the temperature stays in the low to mid 80s. The winters get cold though. There is a lot of snow and ice.
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The diversity and political affiliation is refreshing, and the voting booths and information are both easily accessible.
The religious background, political affiliation, and country of origin of people is diverse, which is nice. The people are accepting of such diversities. However diversity as far as race and economic status is minimal.
Because the town is small, there aren't a lot of local businesses, but the surrounding areas have several quality stores and services.
There aren't a lot of events throughout the year. However, the events for Halloween and the Fourth of July and inclusive and fun. They are family friendly and very popular.
Drivers are generally safe and courteous, but there is construction every summer to fix the potholes created from the winter each year.
The sizes and styles of the housing vary throughout the town. Some neighborhoods have large houses with beautiful yards. Some have little to no yards due to a ravine that runs along the houses. Most houses are of good size and are well maintained. Most have large yards as well.
The town is clean; I rarely see any litter. There is a nature preserve in town that is beautiful, and the schools take field trips multiple times each year to promote the importance of the outdoors. However, Lake Michigan is polluted, so some pollution is possible.
Individual citizens and homes have the choice to live how they please, but the town does provide a recycling service that picks up every week. There is also a recycling plant in the middle of town. Energy-efficient appliances are strongly recommended by contractors and the community as well.
While I am frustrated with the intimacy of a small suburb at times, the town is pleasant and safe. There are options for jobs, food, and great schools near by, and the surrounding towns have a mall, more restaurants, and job opportunities. It is only 20 minutes from the city, but it is also only 20 minutes from open, more farm-like land. The people are friendly and helpful when someone is in need.
There are multiple franchises in the area such as Noodles and Company, Qdoba, and The Chancery. The food is delicious and reasonably priced, but I would like to see more locally grown food and unique restaurants.
While there are young adults and teenagers who use drugs and drink alcohol, the majority of Bayside's citizens and citizens of the surrounding area is healthy. Multiple gyms close by give people several options when working out, and the safety of the neighborhoods allows people to go on walks and runs frequently. There are also multiple sports teams to join.
There are multiple job opportunities for young adults and teenagers, as there are a lot of shops and restaurants. There are also many families looking for nannies and babysitters. However, there are few business career opportunities in the area. We are close to areas that have more business opportunities, but there is still travel time and rush hour to deal with when finding a business setting career.
Absolutely love Grace and Shelley's Cupcakes!
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