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need a trader joe's! need more access to healthy living at a decent cost. closer mall, family activities and transportation alternatives
Great place to grow up. If I wanted to raise kids I would consider having my family here. Small, but tight community. Everyone looks out for each other.
I have lived in Bayport my entire life and it was such a wonderful place to grow up. The school system was wonderful, community was delightful and the location itself is wonderful. There are a considerable amount of activities to partake in by living in Bayport, especially with the surrounding towns. The cost of living can be high, but it is worth the cost. I would highly recommend raising a family in this area because of the wonderful schools, sports programs and safety of this town. Having the experience of growing up in Bayport was wonderful and I hope to have the opportunity to raise my children in a wonderful town like Bayport one day.
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Bayport is a great city. I grew up there, having lived there for about 15 years, until I moved to Patchogue. It is a very suburban area filled with lots of families, so it is very family-friendly. It is also very safe, for the most part (there have been rumors about drugs). Bayport also has a great school district with amazing teachers. Overall, Bayport is a great area, and is a nice, safe place to live.
Very safe, however the town is considered upscale and home burgarlaries can be a bit of a problem.
Wonderful place to live. Like a resort area. Clicky though.
I have a general disregard for politicians. Unfortunately, I feel most politicians are dishonest.
we've got it all...the beach, the woods, the 'country' (if you drive out east).
Generally, crime rates are low but we are starting to see an increase in home robberies. My house was robbed last year.
Hurricanes and winter storms are the biggest concerns.
The neighboring town is up and coming with restaurants and night-life.
For someone my age, the job availability is good. For someone older, they have to travel farther.
I like that there are a variety of stores and they are in close proximity.
Very nice parks and wooded areas
Usually never problems with weather here, very balanced and very rare for natural disasters to occur.
The places here to eat and drink are great, a lot of different options of all types of food imaginable.
I usually get jobs out of town, there aren't many opportunities for an 18 year old to get a job she likes and get paid an appreciated amount anywhere though.
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There aren't many retail shops in Bayport, because it's such a small town. This town however has a ton of great restaurants and other places to stop by with friends. The convenient stores are nice to stop by and get necessities too.
Cannot necessarily put a rating on the overall experience of the area that i live.
Generally a Caucasian area. People tend to be friendly.
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